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Chloe - Fitness  @chloebrcn | Vancouver BC fitness β€’ food β€’ motivation @teamiblends | code: chloefit10 contact.chloeann@gmail.com


Started with not much! Plus it took me years to learn that doing 10reps of heavy weight squats on leg days, only once a week..does not help it grow!

Pushed myself hard after a tiresome day. Speed and agility HIIT

There are always healthier options. Great find!

Sharing 2 more glute exercises.
1. Glute bridges using the smith machine (easier to load the bar if a spotter is not avail)
2. Standing glute kickbacks w a band

Matchy matchy for today's session. I always finish off weight training with HIIT on either the Stairmaster or eliptical.

One month between the photos. Can't wait to start my 12 week fitness plan tomorrow #erl12

I always end off my glute days with more isolating exercises, like this one. Using only one leg on the leg press helps me focus on engaging my left or right glute muscle. The foot placement all depends on the position of your machine, so move your foot around and find out the position where you really feel it the most. β€’ get foot panel close to your body = greater range of motion for the press
β€’ drive w your heel
β€’ slow and controlled tempo, slight pause at midpoint
β€’ I like using a heavy weight for at least 10 reps πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ happy lifting

A nice surprise to come home to

Loving the fitbit blaze so far. It's fun playing with different straps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Browsed around for shoes online and happened to find them in stores. On sale. Last pair. In my size.

#SavingMoney #SoICanBuyMoreThings

Balance is key 😏 Lake side relaxing

Meal prep for work lunches. Grilled chicken fajitas, chipotle broccoli and make salad, pico de gallo

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