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Chris Bumstead  IFBB Pro Bodybuilder 22 years🇨🇦 MHP Sponsored Athlete @StrongLiftWear @BroActiveWear 📽Youtube: Chris Bumstead Online Coaching👇🏻


Looking for a videographer (if that's what they're called🤷🏻‍♀️) in the Halifax area to follow my workout at least once a week get some YouTube videos going. Must have own equipment, do editing/music and be the kind of person I don't mind hanging around while I lift haha. If anyone is interested or knows someone who might be let me know! 🙏🏼 @reachyourmhp

Nothing to see here more boring shit from my chest day #sorrynotsorry Just another day trying not to be skinny 🤷🏻‍♀️

Whether you're looking to get into stage shape, beach shape, add some muscle or shed some fat, je suis ici pour aider. Check out my website where I'm currently offering👇🏼
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For more details and any questions you might have check out my website at chrisbumstead.com or check out the link in my bio👀

The shit we do up here in Canada because Goodlife's only have 100lbs dumbbells 🇨🇦 Hardest part is balancing the weight, 25lbs dumbbells and up don't fit inside the 100's, crazy workout for your stabilizers. Let's see you guys give this a shot, tag me in your videos let's see who can stack the most weight! (not responsible for any dumbbells that fall on your head btw) And we got @sabtwyman in the back rockin the @strongliftwear tank top👀

Not the heaviest weight or the most reps I've ever done, but I walked into the gym tired and sore as hell and still grinded it out so I'm happy with it🤷🏻‍♀️Was aiming for 5 sets of 10 but I got a little excited this last set managed to squeeze out 13 (probably because I was pissed about those raccoons attacking me😲) #TrainingToDefeatTheCoons @reachyourmhp

Anyone else recognize this chump on the front cover???👀 First cover shot on @muscleinsider so y'all better go grab one🤷🏻‍♀️ Big thanks to @dave_laus for getting the shot🙏🏼

Push yourself every set, as if your entire workout is only that one set🔥
Shoulder day with @jonni_shreve_ifbb_pro and @flex_lewis

Humbling experience this weekend being able to train and hangout with the champ himself @flex_lewis Truly embodies the kind of role model we need in the sport, taking his time to chat with every fan that approached him. Learned a ton just being around him, about the mindset and character you need to maintain in order to climb the ranks in this sport. Last few training sessions lit a fire under my ass and opened my eyes to how much more I can be pushing myself. Time to go kill legs because he pussied out yesterday🤷🏻‍♀️ (or maybe I did... you'll never know)

Had a blast today at the @flex_lewis_canadian_classic met a ton of amazing fans and competitors, show was amazing👌🏼 Had to snap a pic with the overall classic physique champ @aaron_d_macpherson keep killing it like you are man, grow where you need to grow and stay classic🙏🏼 Love seeing this division continue to grow and the aesthetic physiques being rewarded as they should be 💯

Last Saturday's morning cardio consisted of a 6km run, okay mainly brisk walk🙄, up hill and up to my ears in mud (literally still have mud in my ears) Redefining the saying "Eat Clean Train Dirty". #RealMenBriskWalk @mud_hero

We still worrrrkin🔥 I've neglected deadlifts for too long, time to get the strength back up. Can't leave out any tricks this prep, it's going to take more than my body can handle to come close to that top spot. So sorry in advance body get ready for some crazy shit👊🏻 and NO deadlifts do not make your waist "thick" that's lazy people talk

#MondayMotivation as I'm en route back on the road to shredz. Love looking back at these early morning videos seeing that exhausted look in my face, tired/flat/hungry AF and loving every second of it👌🏼 They say you have to be a little crazy to be successful in this sport, well they are not wrong🤷🏻‍♀️ @broactivewear

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