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Before #tassels are moved and #diplomas are received, Talon Editors Jessica Kever and Sergio Castillo shared their views on the #seniors in a heartfelt goodbye to the #Classof2017 (link in bio).

#SocialMedia — such as #Instagram — has shot to popularity among the youth (and often their parents). The Talon's Michaela Cahill examines whether this virtual world is healthy for people in the real one (link in bio).

After the wonderful Open Mic finale last #Friday, reminisce with Talon Editor Jessica Kever's photo gallery of the third #show of the year (link in bio).

CB is famous for its impeccable #theatre talent. But as it comes to the end of #highschool, what will become of these talented folk as they head to #college? Link in bio.

As the #Classof2017 prepares to depart, the Talon's Sam Dixon reminds us of another Falcon that CB must #farewell (link in bio).

No one can keep our spirit up during a #game like our beloved Rally Chairs, but their StuCo responsibilities were another matter. The Talon's Camilla Patterson explains how the position is changing next next #year (link in bio).

Check out Talon Editor Jessica Kever's hilarious breakdown of students' relationships with #homework — or lackthereof. Do you relate? (Link in bio)

It's officially the first day of #springbreak at CB! And there's no better way to celebrate than reading Talon Staff Writer Carissa Loftus' piece on this #glorious week and a half (link in bio).

Everyone has a bad #hair day every once in a while -- some of us more often than others. But Talon Staff Writer Aeron Davies has crowned a select group of #students with one of Christian Brothers' finest honors: #Best Hair on Campus (link in bio).

We’ve all learned about the Roman and Greek Empires in our #history classes. However, few students get the chance to see them in person. The Talon's Sam Dixon shares some info about CB's upcoming #summer trip to #Europe (link in bio).

Runners to be set, #goals to be met…it’s time for this year's Falcon 5k Fun #Run. Talon Editor Sergio Castillo gets the details of the annual #fundraiser event, taking place this #Saturday at 9 A.M. (link in bio).

The Talon's Andrea Gonzalez splashes into CB's most refreshing #sport#diving (link in bio).

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