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Aneka StewART  🇯🇲 | 👩🏾‍💻 | 🇧🇸 A Visual Storyteller and Brand Manager, who believes in mental wellness and the power of great style. ✉️

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Visualize it. Then go make it happen.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, be the thing or person you are looking for. Our greatest leaders and inventors created not just because of curiosity but because of lack, and look at how much their contributions have affected our lives.
Don’t wait for a living example. Be a living example.
“The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it’s conformity.” Don’t conform. Be your truest most authentic self.

I’ve learned that you oftentimes have to build your own door of opportunity if it’s not apparent at first

🎶...’ my feet is my only carriage,
So I’ve got to push on through.
Everything is gonna be alright’ 🎶

The best part about not fitting in is that I don’t fit in for all the RIGHT reasons. If you don’t fit, celebrate baby. The status quo is filled with pessimism, amongst all the other things that make you miserable. Life is so much more beautiful than that. ❤️

What’s the truth about my diet? I don’t really have a regimen to be honest. The one thing I do stick to is the notion that what you put in will show on the outside. I love clean, light foods that allow me to still get work done throughout the day. Outside of the occasional glass of wine and champagne, water is all I need.
No matter what you look like, love the shit out of that but don’t ever forget to be good to yourself and to your health. Your body is your vessel, your vehicle. Treat it with respect and it’ll allow you to function seamlessly in all areas of your life. ❤️

“Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of the present.” R. Babson
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I remember meeting with the @fusionsuperplex founders years ago and I immediately fell in love with their vision. A few years later and their vision has come to life. 9 theaters, Pure VIP, #4DX! Seriously, I don’t want to watch movies anywhere else! There’ll be dining experiences, kids play opportunities, gaming experiences and event spaces! The team outdid themselves! They paid special attention to detail and I absolutely cannot wait to spend my leisure time here! That 4DX had me acting the fool with the rain, rocking chairs and SNOW! SNOW! Check today’s insta-stories for a sneak peek!
#Geeked #FusionSneakPeek #imax #imaxtheatre

Enjoy your peaks and your valleys. Every season contains a lesson and every experience is sent to prepare you for what’s to come. Soak it all in. Fill yourself up. Lean in on all the good and even the unfortunate. Keep climbing. The secret is to change your perspective and to never stop the climb!

A clear, lucid mind. The next best thing after a bright smile.

Watching these birds in flight I thought, ‘this is exactly what the human experience is all about.’ The one leading lifted up and headed high up and the others followed. He had a destination in mind and for the entirety of the boat ride, he didn’t sway, falter or stop. The others kept the pace; enough to see him clearly to follow his lead.

If we could be a gleaming example to each other, we can call each other higher, bring each other further.
The final destination isn’t meant for just one, but for all of us. Will you come with me?

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