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Lisa  Micro/Instablog of an often unfiltered, molly sunshine. If that isn't your cup of tea, that's cool. Proud Canadian girl ❤🍁❤

"And out of darkness, for it's ever dawn..." /wrap

That's a wrap! #csopaunity1918

I. Just. Love. Them. #csopaunity1918

Shhhhhh.....Netflix, I'm a little busy right now. @katieschrm is netflix taunting you as well?

Today in with contacts. #csopaunity1918 #csopaspringfest @blakepyne

Tech week for CSOPA Spring Festival. Day one down. Awake for 20 hours and feeling fine. @csopastage #csopaunity1918 #csopaspringfest2017

Enjoying the first five awake hours of today. Theatre tech waits for no one. #itsnotworkifyouloveit

And then we went out in public. #csopaunity1918 #postedwithpermission

That time @blakepyne came over and we figured out what mustard gas burns look like. #csopaunity1918

#stinkerbell's entrance will be delayed by 30 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience. Some days you gotta call in late. #68daysofbliss #postedwithpermission

"Please knock. I just ran 1.1 km and I am exhausted. I was number 16. Here is my jersey. Thank you." #68daysofbliss #notesfromstink

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