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Eco-friendly and biodegradable! 🌿

#naturefriendly #bamboowipes

Some sunshine ☀️ and pretty little flowers 🌻 before the 🌧 storm.

And to you, my dear little flower... If you want to see the sunshine again, you have to weather the storm. ☔ 🌈

Stay safe everyone! 💙

#typhoonmangkhut #typhoonompong

Mum-mum! 😋

Today's sun setting behind dark clouds, snapped less than an hour ago. 💛

There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea on a rainy afternoon.

#chamomiletea #snailteabagholder

My daily dose of happiness! 🤣 ...and daddy-doo's too! 👨‍👩‍👧❤️

Creativity is messy! 🎨

#creativityismessy #18monthsold #littleartist

Today's rainy day activity — painting! 🎨

#17monthsold #littleartist #crayolawashablepaint

Seven years together, seven years ago. Now fourteen and married with a little marshmallow! 👨‍👩‍👧❤️

Our little marshmallow loves flowers! ...and grass and greens! ...and dirt and rain puddles! ...and a million more things!

#lifewithatoddler #mylittlemarshmallow

Plushies! I love plushies! I want them all!

#plushies #lifewithatoddler #mylittlemarshmallow

Our 17-month-old's first baby masterpiece using Crayola's (nontoxic water-based) Washable Kid's Paint.

What I had in mind is a finger or hand paint art, but when I laid her watercolor paper on her table, she ran and grabbed one of her washable colored markers. She was going to start scribbling on her paper! (Trust me, you don't want to see her puzzle playmat and books! --- scribbles everywhere!). And so, anyway, I took the marker away from her and replaced it with my paintbrush. It's a good thing I have one at home.

And, tadah!

#babymasterpiece #littleartist #crayolaph

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