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Cassandra D.  Sharing stories through the lense of my smartphone.

The blur is a reminder that life is happening, not stagnant but in motion. We are swiftly traveling down the trajectory of life. And the blur and all it represents is beautiful.


Flowers and sunshine! 🌹🥀☀️

Playdate, yay! 😊

"Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of songs." – Pam Brown.

🎶 "Building a castle in the sand, a castle made for three. The most beautiful place in all the land, surrounded by the sea. That's where I wanna be, a castle in the sand, a castle in the sand." 🎶 —Hi5 Songlet

Sunkissed and happy! ☀️ 😘 ⛱️

A product of both nature and man -- worn by waves, recycled by the sea.


Pretty little finds.

Early this morning, I decided to collect shells while my hubby and our little marshmallow soak in the pool. A boatman then approached me and informed me that just nearby, there is a shore where the water is cleaner, the sand better and more shells and pebbles and sea glasses to collect.

Well, yes please.

Hello there, Baguio City.

"You know, 65-year-olds love sneakers because they make them feel forty." —Giuseppe Zanotti

And that is why, so let me! 😉

Busy little marshmallow. Thanks to the crayons and paper provided by the pizzeria.

I think, I should always carry crayons or washable colored markers and papers with me whenever we eat out. She do have a magnetic doodle board, but it's a little big to carry around. And she prefers colored markers or crayons and paper anyway.

#littleartist #22monthsold

Sunny days, happy days! 😊

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