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Cavedoll  Cavedoll (MUSIC / JEWELRY / VIDEO) & Camden Chamberlain personal shit

Geeking out to an the insanely great “Pixels On The Sun” by SLC heroes @starmyslc Megalove.

The room is still being worked on, but I put together a rough setup of the new school “studio” or audio classroom today for a group of touring 8th graders. It’s all about that couch and the Wavedrum (hard to see). #dixietech #logicpro #musicproduction #recordingclasses

Lighting project finally done! #manfrotto #photographystudio

Tickled pink that I’m running some problematic drums through a reverb created in a studio in the town of Franklin, Tennessee where I lived for a bit as a little boy and have never returned. Technology is so cool when it is. Sometimes it’s not. Right now it is tho #recordingdrums #cavedollelefante

Threw together a little 3 min “behind the scenes” vid whilst waiting for mixes to bounce over the past few days. RUBY FRIEDMAN, ALEX ELENA, ME and my bro TAD keeping the camera goin’ like a boss. Here’s a tiny bit. Go give it a watch on YouTube and OF COURSE subscribe while you’re there ;) #cavedollelefante #rubyfriedmanorchestra #rubyfriedmanlovesclovis #alexelena #singingqueen

Still taken from some shooting my brother @a_tad and I did for the Cavedoll song “Hr Hole” last summer. #cavedollelefante #sonyphotography #indiemusic #diymusicvideo

Taking a break from mixing (to cook a long overdue meal for my pops) like I’ve never mixed before... and of course taking the chance to hear it on a different medium. Delivering ELEFANTE (finally) for mastering with my dear friend @alexelena007 by Sunday! You could say this thing has been brewing for 4 years or more. Thank jeebus lovely fried rice takes only an hour cuz I’m famished. Can’t wait to be able to say this sucker is DONE!!! Woohoo! #cavedollelefante #newmusic #experimentalmusic #improvisedmusic

Not sure why I was so pissed off looking here, but I sure love this mofo, ZAK MASON!

The fun never ends... all-nighter writing coursebook, wrestling with formatting into first thing school meeting into 12 hours of unpacking gear, tagging and labeling it, taking pics, and entering into inventory, then cleaning a mountain of trash (that pic does no justice. But at least I had control of the music all day. Debated passing out in a couch at school, then I remembered 2ND ROCK STAR!!!! Soooooo muchhhh funnnnn 🤑🥴😶🤪

A gas station clerk just called me “Bubbly”. That’s def a first time I’ve been called that not sarcastically. It amuses me greatly (vid clip is unrelated)

March 16th Urban. We play. You come. Ya? <3 #cavedoll #sonyphotography #guitareffects #gibsonsg #beyerdynamic

Hanging with Nate n Nicole n a drone #Cavedoll #dronestagram #cometogether #beatlescover #comingsoon

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