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I send my sincerest condolences out to all those to whom she was so dear. To lose a loved one is always deeply emotionally taxing, but to lose someone suddenly, prematurely and inexplicably is indescribable agony. I’m thankful that I got to see you again after so long, and speak with you, however briefly, sweet Kim. You exuded beauty from the core of your being, which enabled you to radiate light, and energy no camera could quite capture. The world is a little dimmer for your departure. I will you a peaceful journey, good sister. 🖤 @ladykp 🖤

RAISED BY WOLVES INTRO FINAL PT. ...Like most children I thought my home was indicative of all homes. I thought that everyone witnessed hundreds of thousands of dollars being counted by their parents on an almost daily basis. I thought everyone found hundred-round spitting, 45-caliber, Thompson sub-machine guns in their mother’s bedroom closet. Thus, by the age of nine, I truly believed that I was genetically engineered for the life of a gangster and at this point I have forgotten more about the ‘game of death’ than most have had the time or opportunity to learn before their time is up and their opportunities are no more.
Who am I?
I am the son of my Harlem born, gangster-to-her-heart mother and the genetic product of my Harlem born, killer-without-a-heart father. I am the result of confusion and anger and the byproduct of deceit and greed. #raisedbywolves #bodyofpowerpublishingllc #truestory #nonfiction #facts #harlem #southbronx #newyork #original #dopeboy #stonecold #hardcore #headbanger #don #boss #bornintothegame

EXCERPT FROM Old Gangsters & Young Guns:

The Latin King’s New York chapter grew substantially in the New York prison system and that included women’s facilities as well–the females were referred to as the Latin Queens. The leader of the Latin Queens was Zulma Andina aka “Queen Zulma” or “Luna,” the women were as dedicated as the men were in their effort to uphold the Latin Nation, actively demonstrating this by way of B.O.S.s’ and T.O.S.s’. By 1991 the Latin Kings began to become more organized, they were having monthly meetings with all the boroughs of New York City. Borough leaders were chosen to run each chapter and make sure its members followed the bylaws of the “Family.” King Blood declared the Latin Kings a cultural organization. There were more than 3,000 Latin Kings at Rikers Island Prison alone, with another 4,000 on the streets of New York, not to mention the Latin Queens and the youth corps, the Pee-Wee Kings. Ironically, it was this same year that things began to crumble.
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Most every summer day, I’d ‘hop’ a cab, pass by Yankee Stadium, then cross the Macombs Dam Bridge. When I saw Tony Marenda’s Flash Inn Bar & Restaurant on the other side, I knew I was home. I was still young enough to have trouble telling one Avenue from another, so I memorized the landmarks. The Roosevelt theater on 145th Street, Renney lounge on 138th Street, and Small’s Paradise[1] at 135th, meant I was on the 7th Avenue. If I was on 8th Avenue, I’d see the Third Planet bar on 153rd Street, the Continental bar on 145th, Harlem Prep on 135th, St. Nicholas projects, and then finally Shabazz, the Muslim “take-out” near the corner of 116th, a few feet from J. Horn department store. One day, one of the brothers greeted me with “Salaam Alaikum, little brother,” I answered “Oh, hi. I select-my-bacon too.” I was a bad little-ass. J. Horn had been around for untold decades but in the Blackout of July ’77 it was looted out of existence.

When I got out of the cab I’d quickly pick up one of my bikes and hit the bricks. I’d go down 115th, through a parade of “pitchers” and “fiends,” then I’d ride up 116th, to 8th Ave, where I’d see the old dopefiend named “Claw.” They say scientists wanted his hand. According to legend, he’d shot so much dope into it, causing it to swell up to the size of a bear’s paw, that it was essentially dead. Even so, Claw was still walking around, his rotting limb wrapped in a clear plastic bag. As he meandered slowly across the Ave., I could see puss and other juices squishing around inside. After jetting past Claw, I would continue my trek down 114th Street, dodging the shorties that were out playing on the chalk-drawn loadies and hop-scotch boards they’d scribbled onto the asphalt.

EXCERPT FROM #oldgangstersandyoungguns : Obsession was an organizational pyramid with several levels of authority; spot managers generally made 10-20% of the profit and were responsible for paying the pitchers, who represented the base of the structure. Pitchers handled the hand-to-hand transactions with customers and were expected to combat with the cops and robbers. Steerers (usually used at the beginning stages of building a “spot”) were responsible for bringing in new customers and directing customer traffic to pitchers. Their commission or “tops” (meaning “off-of-the-top” once the sale was made) was typically $1.00 a bag and that responsibility also fell on the pitcher. Lookouts were probably the least compensated although they were the first line of defense between the pitchers and the police. The reason for this is probably due to the fact that a lookout need not be especially smart or tough; they need only have at least one good eye and a loud mouth and were therefore easily replaced. Lookouts were typically paid $50-$100 a day. Lieutenants represent a rung much higher up than all the others previously mentioned, they made $2,500 per week and the top-lieutenant of the Obsession crew, Six-O, made $12,000 a week. Boy George, Obsession’s capstone, made $45,000 a week.
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Here’s a small piece of my brethren #CurtisScoon AKA “The Snake Charmer,” brand NEW documentary #blackwhiteandblue I highly recommend it. It’s available on #vimeo #supportblackbusiness #blackentrepreneurs


It was evident early on that Larry Hoover was destined for leadership but it would come at a great price. By the time Mr. Hoover reached his 16th birthday he had been shot six times in various gangbanging incidents while elevating to the leadership of his own street organization. In 1967 a much larger gang, the King Cobras, tried to take Larry’s gang territory but because he stood his ground, he got hundreds of Cobras to join him, merging into one gang which came to be known as the Black Gangster Nation. Two years later another merger occurred when Larry’s following throughout the South and West sides of Chicago, which numbered more than 5,000 at the time, connected with David Barksdale’s 10,000 Disciples... thus naming them the Black Gangster Disciple Nation.
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BE CLEAR‼️What I do is NOT “urban lit.” I can ACTUALLY write. And what I’ve written in Raised By Wolves is not just ‘A’ story, it’s MY story. But it’s not JUST my story, it’s the story of many others who stalked the streets of America during what was inarguably the most treacherous time in contemporary urban history. Everything before pales in comparison, and everything after is merely an echo. #raisedbywolves #knowledge #oldgangstersandyoungguns #bodyofpowerpublishingllc #truestory #dopeandgame #realtalkonly #1970s #1980s #1990s #gangsterretired

Peace & Power, my people. I figured it would be more expeditious if I just made a post with all the information, rather than to keep addressing DM after DM asking for the same questions. Let’s go! #raisedbywolves #oldgangstersandyoungguns #fruitofaforbiddentree #bodyofpowerpublishingllc #truestory #NOTurbanlit #gangsterretired #dondiva

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