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cloudy monday morning ☁️

afternoon details. this week my sister who I haven't seen in nearly three years has been visiting from out of town, it's been so nice to catch up with her and show her around Madison.

it's the first day of spring, so naturally I drew some flowers to celebrate. happy first day of spring everyone 💐

enjoying our breakfast for two on this slow monday morning before we both begin working. remember that you can use the code 'OBSESSED15& #39; to receive 15% off of your @danielwellington order until the end of this month.

when you end up having to work on your one day off in the entire week, a doughnut & a cup of coffee for dinner is totally acceptable.

this was the first apartment my husband and I ever lived in together. we were just two kids who had started college and overall, we were pretty freaked out about being on our own. the very first week we lived at this apartment I remember we slept on the floor because we were waiting to have enough money to make a trip to IKEA to buy furniture. but we didn't care, we stayed up every single night watching movies on my laptop talking about our future. looking back, it was far from the nicest apartment in town (the building was built in the 30's and not remotely well kept, our bathroom was infested with ants once summer came around, the floors were uneven, our kitchen sink constantly leaked and basically the list of things that went wrong with this place was never ending) but for a short time it was ours, and regardless of how imperfect it was, we made it our home. a huge thank you to @paigeslag for creating this illustration for us, we absolutely love it because it reminds us of where we started.

quiet mornings at home. this not so little furball completely destroyed the rug in our living room yesterday. that brings his rug count up to three since we've had him 🤦🏻‍♀️😹

baked some pumpkin cookies sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon today while I attempted to respond to what felt like an endless amount of emails.

one of my favorite perks of working from home is that I can usually move around my schedule so I can have the same days off as my husband. we both work so much and work completely different hours so on our days off we usually try to do the things we love, together. yesterday was one of those days, we took a walk around our neighborhood, grabbed some lunch at our favorite spot here in town, and then spent the rest of the day at home reading, cooking some mushroom risotto, and catching up on our favorite shows (how good is Big Little Lies on HBO?!) 😳. we've also been loving our his & hers @danielwellington watches. remember that you can get yours 15% off using the code 'OBSESSED15& #39; for the month of march.

a flower for all of my fellow ladies on #internationalwomensday . you ladies are amazing, keep working hard and continue making this world a better place ❤️

after an entire day of organizing receipts and dealing with taxes, it feels so good to be back at work hand lettering some designs for a new project that I can't wait to share with all of you.

after spending the day running errands, I finally got around to making that poached pear I wanted to make earlier this week.

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