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CATY KING ❤️  MIND|BODY|LOVE ✨ WBFF Bikini Dylan💘 Ryderwear Athlete(CATY10) ASN VIC

Great things take time ❤️ Ever heard that slow and steady wins the race? Yeah, I didn’t really understand that concept either until lately! ☺️ competing in so many shows back to back, thinking that maybe the next one will be “the one” “this is it, I’ve given it all that I have” and while I have loved every second of it, I have also left other things behind.
I used to think that competing was who I was and if I had a break that I would be lost and boy was that the most ridiculous thing I could have ever told myself but all that it took was a step back to discover that there is so much more to me and I have so much more to give! ☺️❤️ I will be seeing the stage again when the time is right! Enjoy the process but just make sure you don’t lose yourself in it 💕 #happymonday

Leg day to finish off the week! I hit a 110kg deadlift! 🙌💪 celebrate all of the wins along the way, even the small ones! ☺️ What is your favourite way to move your body? I love lifting, Yoga, F45 & walking
Wearing @ryderwear get a discount using my code CATY10

Some days I like to just chill in silence, hang with my dogs and make something delicious! ALMOND BUTTER PROTEIN BALLS 🤤 🔹 60g of Almond Butter 🔹 1 scoop of Protein Powder (I use Oxywhey by @ehplabs) 🔹 40ml of Sugar Free Mayple Syrup 🔹 dash of Almond Milk (if it’s really sticky)
Mix it all together seperate into 6 balls and roll it in some desiccated Coconut 😍 pop it in the fridge or freezer (depending how impatient you are) 😜
Roughly F= 6g C= 2g P= 8g

The power of weights! My body has been so many different shapes, sizes and weights! ☺️ is there anything wrong with any of these photos? Absolutely not! But I now treat my body with the love it deserves! It’s actually funny, I can look back at these photos and not just see the physical change, I also can remember the mentality in each of these photos and how much stronger I have become not just physically but mentally and spiritually!
Treasure the temple that you were gifted with 💕☺️

They still there?! #whysoserious 😂💁🏻 The past two months I have really worked on not attaching guilt and fear onto certain food & I can tell you that it feels like a big weight has been lifted! This is something I have really struggled with over the past two years and it did get to a point where it was quiet unhealthy. Fuel your body with good nutritious food and train hard but also don’t feel bad if you decide to treat yo self every now and again! Just don’t punish yourself for it and keep moving forward! 💕😘 wearing the amazing @ryderwear !!! Get a discount using my code CATY10 at the check out!

Forcing your pet to love you 😂😍🐶 This little guy loves to play in the dirt! I have to clean his cute little button nose everyday but I wouldn’t change him for the world! 💕
Everyone with a pet should be so grateful to have someone who loves them so unconditionally! To them you are there whole world! 🙏 #puglife #love

She has fire in her soul & grace in her heart 💕

When I picture my perfect day this was it 💕 beach, coffee, laughs, just living in the moment with my love! Sometimes the most simplest things give us the greatest pleasure! 🙌

#everydayme 💁🏻 Post hot yoga coffee protein shake! 😍 just add 1 scoop of @ehplabs chocolate oxywhey, 1/2 a banana, 1 sachet of @beforeyouspeakcoffee, ice and unsweetened almond milk! 🙏
Your welcome! Take some time out today to do something for yourself! I will be starting my new book! What are you going to do?

So many years of education but no one ever taught us how to love ourselves! Thankfully it is never to late to start 🙏💕 #youareworthy

When you rock up to the gym twinning in our @ryderwear with this babe @alysha.hammond 💪😍 The power of social media, I am so grateful for the beautiful souls I have met through social media and this gorgeous girl was one of them! We definitely killed today’s leg sesh! 🔥

Transformation isn’t just about the physical change. I look back at this girl on the left that I once knew! She grew up too quickly, wasted her whole teenage years in a horrible isolated relationship and desperately just wanted to be loved and feel beautiful when all I needed to do was love myself which has taken me a LONG time! If you told me back then that I would be up on stage in a bikini, leading a healthy life style every single day , constantly working on my self development by reading and connecting with my inner self I probably would have told you to f#k off!
I post this to let you know that we aren’t all perfect, we haven’t all grown up in a perfect family or always been fit and healthy!
Never be ashamed of your past, be proud that you were strong enough to over come it and move on! 💕

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