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Cat Wood  Atlanta.. Made on earth by humans Flickr = trippycookie Mixed mexia//other art @silkycoyoteart


@halfblackmagic__ in the old jeep cherokee #ripjeep #odetoappalachia

I'm so tired of not doing what the fuck i want/wearing whatever the fuck I want/apologizing for existing in a queer body in this fucked up world! I'm done not being true to mtself. I don't wanna "get old" or whatever the fuck that means, I don't wanna lose my inner child, my inner love for all of the little beautiful things in the world. I don't wanna ignore beautiful flowers on the side of the road cause I'm "too busy". I don't wanna work a dead end job that I have to hide my self and my body till I die of depression. I just wanna live 2b the best person I can be in this tiny ass sliver of existence we are given... I dont want 2 waste that! It goes by too fast and life is too damn short to not be true to yourself. This is a promise to myself to try to find something good every day I can #odetoappalachia

I just want to feel the sand on my skin again

More of this pls. I am missing the trees, the dirt, the absence of people. Soon.. #odetoappalachia


2000 locusts does not make a plague

I'm a mossy cave, I'm a hole punched in the wall #odetoappalachia


I carry baggage like a child on a mothers back. Do you think some people just go through life without having the happiness knocked out of them? Do you think that someone out there doesn't know the darkness? Doesn't know the visceral reaction to the sound of glass breaking. The numbness, the dullness. Doesn't understand locking yourself away for months at a time? Or are we all born with this already ingrained in us? A hive mind of sorrow. A perpetual state of uneasyness. Do you not hear it? Do you not smell it? They say death is a smell that sticks with you, sticks in your nose, and stays around for a while. It brings you back into a memory. It rots away your insides, slowly but surely eating what it can. And before you've realized, everything you've known is gone.

From the dusty mesa, her looming shadow grows, hidden in the branches of the poison creosote

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