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As many of you know, we volunteer every Tuesday morning at @sanctuary4cats ❤️ Meet Dandelion, he's one of my favourites and you can follow along with him and some other wonderful cats at @sanctuary4cats ❤️ Please give this wonderful organization a follow! #NoKill #CatSanctuary #Bengal #BengalCat #Dandelion #HesHelarious #ThoseEyes #ThoseWhiskers #Rescue #Sanctuary #CatLove

Here's a great idea for a #Catio from @theoreocatofficial! Put walls or wire up around your covered deck/patio/sunroom. #IndoorCats

Yesterday's post about #IndoorCats sparked a great conversation and I think we need to post some great ideas for letting your indoor cats get some fresh air! Check out this #Catio by @amosdaragdoll! It's a chicken coop! It was purchased and they installed a cat door so they can come and go as they please! What an amazing idea!

Check out these amazing cat trees by @KittyMansions #KittyMansions

Did you catch our #LIVE video from @rapsociety #CatSanctuary earlier? If you missed it, you can watch the entire video on our you tube channel 👉🏼 CatsOfInstagram 👈🏼 Check it out! (If you have any questions, post them below and I'll answer as best I can!)

We go #LIVE right now! Tune to watch us at @rapsociety #CatSanctuary with over 400 cats!

We go #LIVE from @rapsociety #CatSanctuary in 20 minutes! Make sure you watch, there are over 400 cats here!

Some of the best #ToeFluff I have ever seen from @picolo_the_cat ❤️

It is not inhumane to keep a cat indoor-only. Cats are exposed to a variety of dangers, parasites, and diseases when allowed outdoors. Some hazards include: Fleas, Worms, Giardia, Coccidia, FIV, FeLV, Coyotes, Other Wildlife including cats & dogs, unkind humans, cars, and more. Cats can be incredibly happy living an indoor only life, especially if you provide them with plenty of enrichment. Create perches by the window ledges, use lots of toys, and provide 'hunt' type activities like the laser pointer! This will help ensure your kitty remains happy and healthy.
If you'd like to provide a safe outdoor space for your cat, consider an enclosed catio! Another great option for cats interested in exploring the outdoors; training them on a leash & harness! Always keep your kitty safe and either keep the indoors, or monitor their outdoor time. Do not leave them unattended to roam the streets.

Did you catch our #LIVE video? We are at #RAPSCatSanctuary and there are #COICommunity cats EVERYWHERE! Video is up on our #YouTube Channel - CatsOfInstagram. This is heaven.

Declawing is NEVER okay! Barring any major medical reason for a declaw (which is RARE), there is absolutely no reason you should ever declaw your pet. Declawing is the process of surgically amputating each toe up to the first knuckle. Declawed cats often exhibit pain for the rest of their life, later arthritis, regrowth of some bones causing a need for additional surgeries, litter issues, biting issues, inability to defend ones' self, and major behavioral problems. Instead, provide your cat with appropriate places to scratch (tall scratching posts taller than the length of their body so they can stretch), add protections to your furniture if needed, use 'soft paw' nail caps, trim your cats nails regularly (or have a groomer do them), or just...don't own a cat. Cats are meant to scratch. Its a behavioral necessity for health and well-being. Let your kitties keep their claws <3

More often than not, employees of High Kill shelters started working there to make a difference. They wanted to help the animals and the communities they serve. However, the true blame falls on the sheer number of animals being relinquished and brought into the shelters. State & Federally funded shelters must intake all animals brought to the shelter. This means, if there is no cage space, the longest resident, or sickest, or labeled aggressive will likely need to be euthanized first to make room for the constant flow. More pet owners need to spay & neuter their pets. More pet owners need to adopt responsibly with the understanding they are making a 15 year + commitment to the animal. More programs need to be created to promote TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) of feral community cats, and more Education & Awareness needs to be made to the general public. We can all make a difference by helping educate others, getting our pets fixed & microchipped, and TNRing local cats so they dont continue to reproduce. We need more adopters to ADOPT instead of buying from breeders. Instead of blaming the shelters and their workers...lets work together to help our local communities.

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