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Connor Jarland  changing the world.

only 107 days until summer !!!!!

you know who you are

really missin’ summer :/

Okay, so I know many people won’t agree with me on this but this is what I think and what should be changed about our educational system. But first, there is a link in my bio that explains this a lot better than i do so go watch that! So first off, I would like to address the fact that our educational system is pretty bad. Back during the World Wars, industrialists wanted to have many workers so they trained all these kids to work. Sit down in nice and neat rows, raise your hand when you want to speak, do everything you’re told, do all the work assigned to you or you fail. Just like workers in a factory. You then get graded on how well you do with a letter. A single letter determines your future. We’re in school for 16+ years, and we are taught a bunch of useless stuff. I want to learn about stuff i want to learn about and stuff i will actually use. Now Finland, which has the best educational system in the world, has shortened class days, no homework, no test or quizzes, and is focused on collaboration with other students, not competition. Second off, don’t you want to learn what you are interested in? More than half the stuff we learn in school we don’t use in real life. There are so many smart kids in this world, but they aren’t learning about the stuff they should be. Kids should get the option to learn what drives them. We all learn at different speeds and we all don’t understand it, but they still make us do it. School isn’t about learning anymore. It never was, it’s just about passing. School is great, but what they teach us and how they teach us is so out of date. Don’t you think maybe now that we don’t need the same exact people over and over we could have more creative, open people? We could have people who do amazing things? Not constricted by this “future based system” that really isn’t teaching us much about life and what I need to know when I leave high school? Let’s change this. Wouldn’t you like to learn about something you are actually interested in? Spread the word. #changeeducationsystem

hoco '17❣️

so happy that i'm finally done with my Eagle Project! thanks to everyone for making this possible, looks amazing ❤️ #eagleproject

good times :)

thanks to everyone for coming out yesterday to help with the first part of my eagle project! ❤️


broga 🤸🏽‍♂️

#blessed 🙏🏽

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