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I've always wanted high hair... Should I keep it like this? The tinsel behind is quite festive too. 🎉

So, um... impressive sky this evening. #nofilter and #notonfire

Time for a new profile pic 💖🌈💫☀️
Thank you @anniemacinnes for taking the photo! 📷

Happy birthday @christiancarthew. WE 💖 you!

She's on the phone.

I was approached by Jescom to illustrate the cover of their Summer edition of Australian Catholic Magazine. The theme is What Is Prayer? A different kind of job for me, but fun nonetheless!
#australiancatholicmagazine #jescom #editorialillustration #magazinecover #catmacinnesillustration

When young children are in charge of decorating wrapped gifts, good things happen. 🌈 #stickers

Hooray! I've been dying to share this lovely job, and now I can.

@hallocameo came up with the gorgeous concept and typography, and I got to illustrate all the sweet little creatures and flowers! Such a pleasure to work on the branding for Clifton Street Children's Centre.

Jareth the Goblin King has just been to a Halloween Roller Disco. (Wanted to put socks down tights but that might've been a bit much...) #goblinking #bowie #jareththegoblinking #halloween2018 #husbandnotaroused

Good deed of the day done.
Baby Tawny Frogmouth was on the curb getting swooped by magpies while its distressed parents watched from a nearby tree.
Rang the Wildlife ppl and RSPCA and they all said to just put it back in the tree. Used a pillowcase because I didn't want to get scratched or pooed on. But why did I use the good pillowcase? (It squawked at me when I picked it up and when I put it in the tree the parents WIDENED THEIR EYES AT ME and it was TERRIFYING.)
#tawny #tawnyfrogmouth

I could've been a hand model. #rainyday #stickerfun #itkindaworksthough #thankskids

I got to illustrate the new Caroline Chisholm biography A Migrant's Friend by @macmillanaus. And here are some of the portraits! #carolinechisholm #portraiture

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