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Morning Again.. #khuvsgullake #mongolia

Staying in a Mongolian Ger #khuvsgullake #mongolia #travel

Now I am in the Mongolia that I expected to see #khuvsgul #mongolia #travel #khuvsgullake

Trying out crispy silkworms... #snackinThailand #幾香口

Part of the Bumdra trek was destroyed by fire a few months ago. Walking up the trek was like walking through a dead zone to a live zone.
#bhutan #travel #bumdratrek #paro #trekking #hikingadventures

My biggest challenge of the Bhutan trip - trekking overnight.
Climbing 900m+ elevation for 5-6 hours (yes, I walked pretty slowly...), I eventually reached the camp site of the mountain. This camp site is located at 3,500m altitude of Bumdra overseeing the Himalayan range. The whole journey of climbing all the way up was challenging but the view there was definitely worth the climb.
Paro’s temperature on the ground was around 20 degree celsius. When we trekked half way, it started snowing and temperature dropped drastically. At the camp site, the temperature reached almost 0 degree. Weather changed again from sunny to snowing + hailing.
Staying overnight at the camp site in such low temperature and bad weather was another challenge. Being alone in the tent with no shower, no light, in cold weather and snowing out, all I could do was putting myself in a sleeping bag under two thick blankets to keep me warm. Monks would come all the way to the Bumdra monastery nearby doing meditation for 3-9 months. It is an ideal place for meditation but as a human being getting spoiled by the modern world, I don’t think I can survive more than 3 days there.
The site I stayed was a permanent luxury camp. There are toilets, hot water, food supplied by the people running the camp. Inside the tent is a queen size bed with thick blankets. If not the bad weather, it would be a great place to stay to enjoy the view and get entertained by watching the camp staff playing darts and dogs running around playing happily.
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Weekend food market - local fruits, incenses, vegetables and cereals #thimphu #bhutan

Beautiful Punakha Dzong #punakhadzong #bhutan #punakha

Some highlights of my first day in Thimphu #travel #bhutan #iamatraveler #thimphu

Here I am in Bhutan! #bhutan #paro

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