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Catherine Wright Flores  A Texas adventurer head over heels in love with coffee, kindness, grosgrain ribbon, handwritten cards, and anything resembling the idea of dessert.

The cozy surround of a hug from Auntie Linda started figuratively for Amelia: with a collection of homemade linens - two blankets and one custom designed quilt to match the colors of her room, before she arrived to this world. This weekend the hugs were literal, and constant, and as heartwarming as could be. Oh, my heart!!! We love you, Auntie Linda & Uncle Mike & Auntie Mel! @mkdepanian #newengland #winterwonderland #friendship #gratefulheart #lovedoes

Shadows & light // the peacefulness of a winter scene can't be captured fully without sensing it in your soul ❄️#newengland #winterwonderland #massachusettsskies #shadowsandlight

Exhilaration: two parts happy shrieks, one part butterflies in stomach, a heaping serving of courage, a dash of chest flutters, and sprinkled with bubbling laughter throughout. #newengland #winterwonderland #firstsledride #adventurebaby

Cold hands, warm heart // My baby hugging a snowman! Sunday in Paxton was one of my very favorite days - for the ages. Our beloved Mel @mkdepanian and her parents are full of the kind of warmth and laughter which feels like home no matter where you partake in each other's company. If I didn't burn off the {deeeeelicious!} brunch calories with sledding/climbing back up the little hill, I absolutely burned calories laughing repeatedly. I believe Amelia picked up on that warmth right away because she was cackling and snuggling in Auntie Linda & Uncle Mike's arms with aplomb. New England memories are written as a chapter in my book and now, too in Amelia's. #winterwonderland #newengland #doyouwannabuildasnowman #hughug #friendship #gratefulheart @mkdepanian

Everyone has a moment (hopefully, whole libraries full) which is so happy it fills you to bursting with joy, laughter, and full on gratitude for living. This snippet is one of of so many. Hugest thanks to my videographer and soul mate @mkdepanian & her fabulous parents for hosting this unforgettable day! 💗💗💗 #winterwonderland #firstsledride #newengland #wahooooo #littlespectaculars #thismagicmoment

First snow angel! She watched Auntie Linda execute one perfectly and followed suit. This girl, she loves the snow. Mama's DNA at work! #winterwonderland #newengland #snowangel #shegotitfromhermama

That look when you just flew down a hill like a boss and your mom is making you stop to take a photo, which delays you from more sledding fun! #hurryupmom #winterwonderland #newengland #firstsledride #wahooooo @mkdepanian

First, fun, fabulous! First snow, first sled, first exhilaration under New England winter blue skies for miles. I couldn't have loved this day more: watching my baby delight in sensory adventures aplenty! #winterwonderland #newengland #firstsledride #wahooooo @mkdepanian

Through the looking glass: New England winter beauty #winterwonderland #massachusettsskies #newengland

Blue ribbon brunch // my beloved friend Mel @mkdepanian comes from really amazing stock - I'm so thankful to know her parents, her family. I learned this weekend that her culinary chops are honestly earned: her mom, Linda, treated us to a faaaaabulous homemade brunch! I couldn't even fit all of the sumptuousness into one frame! #brunch #teambrunch #needcaloriesforsledding #gratefulheart

Good work // ten years ago I joined an energy company and even though my Houston office was tiny (4 people to start), I was enveloped immediately by the bigger crew at company headquarters in Worcester, Massachusetts (a place I'd never been nor heard of). The women in this photograph began as coworkers whose warmth, wit, inclusion, and talent caught my attention. Before long at all, friendships grew and memories abounded. Long weekends in MA, business trips shared together, ski memories, cooking lessons, wine nights, wine + cheese + chocolate nights, getaway weekends, Texas trips & rodeo, phone and text conversations aplenty. I can't count the number of times their encouragement was and is a powerful light in my life and I have adored watching each of them grow, expand their achievements and families, deepen in their collective beauty. Erica, Lis, Melissa, and Courtney, I am so crazy grateful for each of you and no matter where we work - no matter where we live - you ladies are in my heart and I treasure our friendship dearly! Reunion weekend is just about as good as it gets! #friendship #mygirls #gratefulheart #WEarefamily ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @emartunas1240 @elisabethrenee @mkdepanian @kcokonuts

Cannot say enough about the beauty of people who help parents traveling solo with a kid. It is GLORIOUS! Amelia raises a glass to these blessed helpful souls! Boston & Worcester, we can't wait to see you!!!! Eeeeeee!!!! Melissa, Elisabeth, Courtney, Erica, our hearts are so happy! #kindnessmatters #travelingbabies #gratefulforgrampy