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Catherine Wright Flores  Texas mama/adventurer head over heels in love with coffee, kindness, grosgrain ribbon, handwritten cards, and anything resembling the idea of dessert.

Meatless Monday is our usual jam - and while I absolutely enjoy the freedom to pair the veggie rainbow and grains and bright dressings, or ladle fragrant curries over coconut rice, this new dish earned a spot in the regular recipe rotation. This photo is pre-toss and doesn't highlight the smoky, spicy dressing - my advice is to stick with it (initially I couldn't get the texture right and worried it was crazy spicy) and if you're like me, keep adding more of the ingredients and tweaking the ratios until the mixture is to your liking. Bright, spicy, crunchy, smoky, satisfying. Recipe link in comments! Thanks to Vanilla and Bean for this colorful, flavorful gem! #meatlessmonday #eattherainbow #quinoabowl

I know throwbacks are normally a Thursday thing, but I'll forget by then. We were all snuggled on the bed together a little while ago when Marc got home from work - catching up on the day, Amelia climbing all over her daddy. Then she pointed and excitedly repeated, "Daddy - you!!"

She has started doing this lately with photographs and it's so heartwarming - she is noticing every photograph now. We followed her gaze and it landed on this photo on Marc's nightstand - one of our all time favorite photos from when we were dating. The closeness in this photo - I can still feel it. I can remember that night clearly, too.

May of 2000, the night we celebrated my internship with Motorola with a special dinner at Masraff's in the Galleria....which happened to be where Brad & Kristyna were also dining on their senior prom night! Yes, it was planned - no, we didn't crash their table - but we did get a photo together separately (the four of us), all gussied up...two years later we would be in our finery again at our wedding, and fewer than three years from our wedding day we were fancied up yet again for B&K's big day, trading roles as bride & groom and bridesmaid & groomsman. These memories are part of such a rich tapestry of life and family and I'm so grateful to have them. •
I'm also grateful that apparently Marc and I haven't changed SO so much as Amelia turned to me and said, "Mommy - you!" when holding this picture!

I was 20, and Marc was 23, and we had been dating for three years - we seem so young when I think about this now, but I remember at the time seeing us as wise and ready for anything (especially a future together)...the hubris and hope of youth makes me smile today, and I'm positive that the certainty in ourselves and each other paved a path we could always find again even when obstacles loomed and the skies darkened. •
Hope reigns; which I know we will teach Amelia as her life greets obstacles and storms all its own. •
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There are the moments parenthood keeps you on your toes: like this morning when Amelia was offering Bailey pup some [verboten!] raisins from her granola mix, or the phase we are in currently where Amelia loves holding a gulp of water and spitting it out like a spray nozzle, or the constant undoing of things I've just done (folding, putting away, stacking up). •
But the moments which eclipse (pardon the pun; couldn't resist today!) the mundane worries or annoyances shine so brightly. Today: she tried to "catch" me when I came down the swirly slide - she insisted we swing side by side instead of me pushing her only - screeching joyful laughter when I imitated her leg kicks - the way her eyes looked (so proud of herself!) when she ascended the structure with not a single lift or push from Mama.

I am aware our all-day-every-day time together is approaching some changes and new flavors - with preschool around the corner in September and kindergarten probably in the next blink (kidding, sort of) - and so we'll take sweaty park dates and extra minutes to blow bubbles and simply be in this wonderful balance (even if I have to run, jump, chase, and redo a hundred times or more). •
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Happy Solar Eclipse Day! Being married to a science teacher means we've been talking about this day for months, and that Marc is armed with special glasses today which we purchased in Yellowstone National Park back in June! His students all have special viewing glasses provided by the school district. Amelia and I weren't quite as prepared but since she's napping right through it, we're going to celebrate by staying inside and enjoying Moon Pies as a nod to today's event (let's be honest, I don't need an eclipse to enjoy one of these treats) - while dancing to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (of course!). I am loving seeing the clever marketing and otherwise plays on words on social media and in my email today. These moon pies (more than just your usual chocolate flavor! Coconut, strawberry, & salted caramel) take me back to when we purchased them, at the Moon Pie company store in gorgeous Charleston back in May. We try to stay away from shelf stable/overly processed foods most of the time, but I make an exception for a few snacks once in a blue moon (see what I did there?!) because life is a spectrum and not an absolute. Protect your eyes if glimpsing the celestial wonder today and happy eclipse day to you! #solareclipse #solareclipse2017 #moonpie #igotmoonedincharleston #totaleclipseoftheheart @mpflores222

Fresh & sweet // applies to both her new haircut and an ice cream treat for being a dream during her haircut! She elected to eat some of the ice cream with her fingers, removed her shoes to dance around the ice cream shop, and clinked spoons with Grampy with glee. 🍦Her personality is as bright and smile inducing as those rainbow sprinkles: it elevates the everyday. #plusone #mamahood #thebestdaysofmylife #icecreamdreams #sprinklesoneverything #ameliajeanette

Second summertime snip! 💇🏻 Grateful to the lovely, patient, and talented Sandy for working on our busy lady. Extra props for her help working out a stubborn tangle caused by maple syrup in hair (Amelia takes "you are what you eat 🥞" quite literally, apparently. #plusone #mamahood #thebestdaysofmylife #toddlerhaircut #ameliajeanette

One day, we will laugh even harder at interludes like these. 🍊🍊🍊🍊 @mpflores222 #teamcitrus #eatvertical #plusone #mamahood #thebestdaysofmylife #toddlerlife

Citrus: a retrospective. 🍊🍊🍊 This little lady not only clearly said "orange!" and insisted we both eat them at the same time, she got creative with rubbing the orange half on her knee, her ear, and when it went to the bottom of her shoe our orange snack was all done. She is so curious, so silly, so much fun with whom to share ordinary colors and flavors of this life. #plusone #mamahood #thebestdaysofmylife #toddlerdiscovery #orangeyougladitsfriday #ameliajeanette

When your babies are sitting at the same table you two probably sat at during a swim date with almost these exact same people in attendance 30 or so years ago....your heart overflows. @just.a.buster - yesterday was such a heart overflow kind of blessing. In the ways life is kind, I felt and saw my mom there with us. We loved spending time with your precious family, and my heart does cartwheels to know the next together time isn't far away. #gratefulheart #symmetry #generationsoffriendship #toddlersquadgoals

Big dreams, perhaps, for an adventurous little lady. We were all wowed by the Concorde engine on display at Austin Executive Airport yesterday, the start of a special day trip in a city so close to my heart. #plusone #mamahood #thebestdaysofmylife #ameliajeanette #futureameliaearhart #orwhateverherheartdesires #austinexecutiveairport #concordeengine

Reunited with Grampy after almost a week apart, Austin bound for a super quick day trip visit with precious family friends....happy heart!!! Coming for you, Pavlic & Buster crew! @just.a.buster Thank you as always, @galaxyfbo ! We love your warm service & smiles! #whyifly #galaxyfbo #daytripper

Happy first day of school 2017-18! •
I love these first day photos. They take me back to my own first day photos (my mom always got an AM and a PM version - afternoon versions featured untucked shirts, curls straightened from the humidity, sweaty faces!). •
This school year marks the 7th year of Marc teaching full time, the 8th year of his teaching career, and the third where his little sidekick is in the ubiquitous "first day" snap (she had been awake for just five minutes). I'm immensely proud of what he has accomplished thus far in this season of his life. Fairly sure I couldn't have conceived of this back when our lives and goals looked different, but the soul patterns discovered in his path as an educator - I know with beautiful certainty that it is the person he was always meant to be. And it shows in his joy, his motivation, the way and the energy with which he works.

I tell him on every first day where he heads off to meet students for their first day: those students don't even know how lucky they are yet that you are their teacher! •
Wishing every single parent, student, educator, and proud family member a happy first day and a hopeful fresh year ahead. •
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