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Just back from a weekend away in the Huon Valley where we inhabited this strawberry pink straw bale house for the weekend. Now I want to run away and buy a bush block and build a straw bale house. And paint it pink. And plant a fabulous native garden around it. True story. #weekendvibes #strawbalehouse #pinkhouse #tasmania

Last night’s dinner- @mydarlinglemonthyme chickpea, pumpkin and kale stew with chimchurri and quinoa. The perfect antidote to tame my wild things (see previous post). Worked a treat. Unfortunately it’s windy and rainy again today and they’ve gone bonkers again already. #tamethebeasts #windmakeskidscrazy #vegetarian #feedingalargefamily

It’s been windy for days. The kids have gone crazy ( #windmakeskidsgowild ) I had to bring in the big guns. Milo in the billy on top of the wood heater. #didntwork so they are currently bouncing while “Who Let the Dogs Out?” bares on the trampoline (otherwise known as the cage of rage) in near gale force winds. #sosueme

Another day of the school holidays and another breakfast bowl. Spirulina today for a hit protein, magnesium of iron. Love not having to rush out the door to the school bus. #happydays #iloveschoolholidays

When you don’t see the sun all Sunday #weekendvibes

Ha so much for my #slowliving mantra. In less than 2 weeks we managed to amass 6 gp appointments (asthma, bronchiolitis, concussion and a ruptured ear drum), 3 trips to emergency and a total of 5 nights stay in the paediatric ward. And as I look out our front windows home never looked so good. During our time in hospital I had lovely, thoughtful friends drop in with scones, knitting, books and more. New friends sent kind messages and one very brave friend looked after the kids for a day so Sam could go to work. Realising what shit hot taste I have in friends, and how bloody lucky I am. xxx #homesweethome #mumlife #lifewith5kids #friendship #inmygardentoday #countrygarden #love #itsalluphillfromhere

Rainbows ahead! #friyay🙌

It’s that kind of night... #winter in #Tasmania #keepwarm everyone!!

Days are getting longer. So nice to see some light in the sky when we leave for the school bus run.

7am in the middle of winter in the middle of Tasmania. It’s been a long night. A little body squirmed beside me in bed. Part of his restlessness comes from him fighting for breath and his incessant coughing. He is also restless from the dose of oral steroids which while lifesaving, give him nightmares. The same little body who was in hospital just two weeks ago in the same situation. Today will be full of tantrums as his body withdraws from the steroids. I once likened it to the reaction you may get if you take a gold medal from a Russian weight lifter. Time for the school bus run. Someone has lost a glove, another a beanie. The cold air outside makes another of them wheeze. He’s missed the majority of the last three weeks of school with his asthma. His hands hurt he tells me. They’re white. The blood rushes out of his hands and nose causing discomfort. The doctor thought it would be very unusual for a child to have Reynaud’s Phenomenon. I laughed. We do unusual well. His older brother is allergic to the cold. Yes it’s a real thing. Thankfully his anaphylactic triggers are submersion in cold water and ingesting cold food or fluid. This weather only gives him hives, and flares up his asthma. We have a doctors appointment for another kid this week who’s been getting similar symptoms. What are the chances of having two with a rare allergy? Bugger, there’s is a heavy frost on the car windscreen. Back for water to splash on it. We’re late for the school bus. The drive is slow. It’s foggy. Visibility in places is just a few metres. We make it. I check one has his epipen, and that the others have their ventolin. Check. The fog is still thick on the drive home. I try reminding myself of how beautiful our home is. How lucky we are. How magnificent our views are. How much space there is for the kids to explore. What a wonderful place it is in summer. I’ve always struggled with optimism in winter. By the time I get home there is again ice on the windscreen. This is our reality in winter. It’s been a mild one so far. Only two hospitalisations to date. Summer will come again. #asthmasucks #lifewith5kids

Hello - it’s Ingrid here. I picked this vase of flowers for mum.There are daffodils, roses, daisies and some bell things!🌷🌹💐

Food is pretty idnit? Dreaming of summer through a very unseasonal salad 😬#imonlyhuman #vegitup #seebeautyineveryday #notfrommygarden

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