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Cat Galletti  Travel photographer passionate about cultivating a creative, active lifestyle • Based in Colorado Springs • Weddings: @catmurphyphotography

Learning to fly the drone 😎 Now I just need my ND filters to arrive!

Color, or Black + White?

I didn’t realize that posting a side by side poll last night would be so popular! Tonight I’m testing it out again. You decide which photo you like better!

Which one do you like more? #1 or #2?
Current Poll Status: 16 votes for #1, and 4 votes for #2!

Having some fun experimenting 😎

As a creative, the biggest issue I struggle with is my drive for perfection. Sometimes, I let my perfectionist tendencies prevent me from starting on projects that I am genuinely passionate about. I have been playing with making short videos for over a year now, yet I haven’t really shared any of them with, well, anyone. This is a preview of a short film I made from my recent trip to New York. Unfortunately, I lost half of my footage from the trip, so I had to make do with what I had. The perfectionist in me wanted to not make this video altogether, but the passionate creative in me knows that everyone has to start somewhere. And this is my start. You can find the rest of the video on my YouTube channel (link in my profile description). And yes, there are other videos that are up there as well. And yes, I view those videos as both educational and embarrassing, so it’s taking me a lot of courage to share this publicly with people who know me well.

As I was wandering the streets of Soho, I spotted this police officer nonchalantly gazing down the street as the fading afternoon sun painted his visage. Wanting to capture this moment, I went up and asked the police officer very innocently/awkwardly if I could take his photo. Now if only I could remember his name...

In New York 🎶

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