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Marisa Mazzarella  Everything I do is to make myself laugh. Josh's girl ❤️

I love these winter tights. Soooo warm. I kinda feel like they make me look thick tho #chubbybunny #thunderthighs #heifer #putdownthedonut #imnotphysicallyfat #imemotionallyfat

Getting ready for winter weather, however sad that is. Wah wahhhh 😢. But at least my gloves and headband match

Two of my three most important heart beats. ❤️

I love how bright it is. The sun in my face is what I miss most during winter.

Legitimately the happiest I have been in years. I get my baby back ❣️👏🏻

BFF necklace, kudos to chawhee 💕

Here goes another double #scrilla #scrillaguerilla

My hair curly q'ed at work today

B&w. Wtfnot.

Showing off my epic summer tan ✌🏿

I never usually think this.. But I look like my mom today. Usually I'm the spitting image of my dad haha, of course.

Rain rain, don't go away.. Never thought I'd be saying those words