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Jeremiah 29:11 ✨ 

When @kyliek27 is trying to learn new #jazzercise choreo, I improv with mine🤓 #thatmoveisfromsophomoreyear #choreography #dance

The office is getting a, I just had to.

Just in case the power went out...@kyliek27

Ready for the boat!

Fold your hands and close your eyes, yeah it's all gonna be alright. Just listen for the church bells ringing. ✨

Happy Mother's Day, beautiful! 💐💕 @bryan_frost75

Getting into these bunkers was a little tricky with a dress on. 🙈 #firedepartment

Last night I had the opportunity to represent my employer, @foxvalleytech at the Oshkosh West Scholarship Awards night. I went there, presented awards to the recipients & then packed up my briefcase and quietly made my way out of the auditorium. Before I could leave, I had a random man come up to me as ask, what was that scholarship? So, I explained it to him and he proceeds to tell me how he's known this one recipient (who wasn't there) for many years. He asked for my card and said "I can't wait for him to know!" I smiled and said "me too. Let me know if you need anything." Fast forward about two minutes later--I'm about to walk out the doors and I see him again. This man (who was there for his daughters scholarship award), points his finger and directs me towards him as he's on the phone. He handed it to me and says, "this is ___'s dad, can you tell him?" I had this moment where I got to tell this man, that he will be able to go to the College for up to $15,000." He humbly said "thank you!" This other man (who I literally have no idea who he is) has tears in his eyes, gives me a hug and says "you don't know how much this means to me. This is a family who is so hard working, they don't have the funds to just send their kids to school and they've got another son who with a handful of medical issues. Thank you." THAT was a moment that is forever engraved into my brain. When you question your purpose, it's moments as such that God has blessed your life with to remind you what you can bring to this world. Be the change you want to see, and you never know when you just might be a blessing in someone's life.✨

It was a little bumpy up there today. 🙃 #aviation #multiengine #wisconsin

We may make a lot of plans, but The Lord will do what he has decided. •Proverbs 19:21• Be happy anyway.✨

Guess what we signed the papers for today.... 📝 @kyliek27

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