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Your sanity is the only thing that matters in this world.

It’s late. I’m stressed. I’m mad. I’m angry. And it’s all for fucking nothing but wow. For once I’m just tired I can’t bottle anything up anymore. I can’t keep acting like things are fine when they aren’t. I’m just slowly losing myself trying to act as if life is getting better but it’s not and all i wanna do is go in a fucking hole and dip out for awhile. I’m just tried. I’m stressed. I’m losing it. I can’t anymore. I’m taking a break.

Changing your mindset can change everything. I know we always say it like it’s an easy thing to do but it’s not. Took me years to realize things happen and this is who I am. Over time I’ve learn to just accept things and keep going. I use to let these things control who I was. I would let my bad action dictate my life and who I was. Only until I realized I’m not that terrible person I make myself seem to be. Or that person everyone tries to say I am. I stopped letting others control how I felt about myself. I woke up one day and just said i don’t wanna feel this way anymore. I realized that I wanna become something more than what I am now. I started to believe in myself. I’ve started to realize I will fail so much in my life but that’s okay. It’s all about learn. If I never put myself out their I’ll never learn. So take those risks. And say fuck it. It takes time but it’s worth it.

Something crazy happen last night. Old me would have did things different. But the new me is happy. It’s like I found my peace. I’m feeling good. Gods plan.

I’ve recently started believing my own work. I’ve felt that I can do this. I just feel myself growing for once. I feel like my photos are good for once. I’m happy with what I’m doing. It’s weird how once you change your mindset things change. And some will say your photos have always been good and I get compliments a lot but it’s different when I don’t feel the same way. But recently things have changed, I’m proud of myself for once and it feels good.

Sometimes things get hard. And sometimes we wanna run away. We wanna leave everything behind because we think a new start will fix things. Those problems we have will always be there. Running away doesn’t help. Changing the mind set we have maybe fix everything. We can’t fix the same problems we have with the same mindset we had when we created them.

“So basically, this person gives an appeal to sadness, heartbreak, lonesomeness, or like whatever you want to call it. Explaining how he/she is trying to move on, but is interrupted by the thoughts or the notions that remind he/she of that person.” Notion. Tash sultana.

I took some photos im very proud of which is very rare since I’m so hard on myself. I always think damn I could have done better or I could have added this or that. It’s the worst I literally think every photo I take is okay. But today I’m slowly starting to believe in my own work. I just need to start thinking hey I take good photos. But anyways thanks again for all of y’all who are around. More and more followers and people seeing and loving my work. More people wanna work and trust me once I get my vision together I will be working with everyone. It’s time to grow and become the photographer I know I can’t be. No more being shy.

Some days all I ever need is someone who I can practice with. Someone to just random shoot with so I can learn more. There is so much in photography I’m still trying to learn and so much I need to learn. Over time I will get where I wanna be.

Hi I don’t really have anything to say today on this post besides y’all sate dope. Thanks.

The quest for likes on social media will destroy your creativity. I know this first hand because sometimes I am that person. I do things for likes, I see how many likes I get with photos. I feel like I’m doing better with the more likes I get. But in reality I’m not because I’m not focused on working on myself. I’m more focused about what others think. I find myself in a rut with ideas and I feel stuck cause I can’t think of these dope ass ideas I see all over the place. But none of that really matters the only think that really matters is how happy I am with my photos. I just have to remind myself this everyday.

Switching my whole sleep is gonna be wild. Sleeping durning the day and up all night. I guess that’s what I ask for when I work over nights. It’s fun tho.

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