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David  High quality photo taker. Dm me if you ever wanna work together. Snapchat: catdavee

I’m gonna go get health insurance tomorrow. Let’s hope this goes good.

It’s wild. People are always going through things. But people never speak on it because of society. How we always just shut people up who open about depression. People come up to me and see me and start telling me about their problems. I see we are humans are more hurt than we look. It’s crazy we have to hold things in because some people will never understand. Most people say it’s life get over it and you’ll be fine. We don’t want that. You wanna care about mental health so much but you can’t be ears for someone who needs it? For everyone going through depression or something just know I’m here. I will never push you away or dismiss you. Be there for people. Be the person you need. Care and love. You wanna fix the world. Then care about it and everyone in it.

My head hurts. I can’t think of anything to write. But enjoy. And comment something.

All a girl ever needs to do is send me her address and I’ll always send her random ass flowers.

What’s it like to be alive right now? What’s it like to physically and mentally be alive? To wanna wake up everyday? To wanna wake up and chase your dreams? To wake up next to the person you love? What does it feel like to wanna live everyday? Thinking I’ve felt every single feeling in the world, but the only one I haven’t felt was the feeling to wanna be alive.

I guess you can say I wanna start making my ideas come to life. It’s fun shooting with people and what not but I have no idea I get stuck. But with me making a list of things and then just getting people together to do shoots will be fun. I’ll be able to capture what I see in my head everyday. They always say work for yourself. Do things that make me happy and grow.

I put two buns in my hair. I suck at them but I’m trying. I found peace in being alone. I found happiness in just being by myself. It’s actually good.

I need to start shooting again. I’ve been stupid lazy lately. Also thanks for everyone and the support from recent events. I love you all and thanks again. ❤️

I miss you so much. Some people will never understand this feeling. And I hope you never do. My cat was there on my darkest nights. She felt my pain. She laid on me till I passed out. She kept me sane. She kept me safe. She made me feel loved. I still feel her around me. I still think she’s gonna run out of the front door when I get home. I think she’s gonna be running upstairs when I make food. I feel her presence still. I felt her jump in the bed last night. She’s still here. I just miss her so much. 💔 don’t keep waiting for things. Hold everything you love extra tight. Everyday. ❤️ miss you.

Rip kitty. I’ll miss you. I love you. I never thought I’d have to say goodbye this soon 💔💔💔

There’s an amount of pain we can handle. Eventually we break. Eventually we change who we are. We become distant. We make walls. We push everything away. We destroy the good things we have just because we feel it’s easier. Things change us. Sometimes for the best and some for the worst. We just need to never let things control us. But something we can’t help who we change into. And sometimes like now it gets worse.

Got a new tattoo. I love this one. Pictures don’t do this justice at all. Thanks again to @classicelectrictattoo and @davewaugh honestly this tattoo is amazing and my favorite. All the dudes at classic are dope. I recommend everyone to go and get a tattoo.

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