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dont watch it  that platonic shit is for tv shows

a quick gf appreciation post cause it’s her birthday lmfaooooo :)))) she sucks ass honestly and she’s annoying asf but she finally 11 about time *rolls eye* but nah fr honestly she’s s bundle of joy when she wants to be lmfaoo imma make a whole other post on my private account so i can say what i wanna :)

*deeply sighs*

whopping is literally a white mans way of controlling one and put fear into someone .. i’m not beating or whopping or whipping my child i think words and taking certain things from them is better then beating them , because when you’re beating someone you letting out all that built up animosity that you been holding in from other problems decipher how bad that child beating is going to be .. so yea taking they phone , tv , all electrical devices and all of that good stuff is a good enough punishment

I feel targeted

hold on y’all , y’all see this beautiful ass bitch ? this use to be my wife but she cheated on me and gave our two kids away to old people 😩😩😩😩 and she a hoe so she’s not wanted

if y’all haven’t realized i’ll say wtf i want ill post wtf i want so quit that “the black community” because first i’m not black 😳😳😳😳 i identify as a oatmeal cookie which means i’m a Omeatamerixan and that’s what i go by and if you don’t respect it you’re racist

not a soul has made it to sc for me 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

i remember i fucked around and said “i love you” to bre otp and my granddaddy was standing there i usually don’t mute myself but i had to mute myself cause he was like “you out here telling people you love them ? love comes with more than words its an action you don’t know what love is” and i’m thinking neither do you bitch 💀💀💀💀 you acting like you didn’t cheat on nana several times and use to make auntie (his daughter) call you uncle in front of your hoes bitch hush

i legitimately hate people i gotta game in about a hour or so i don’t wanna play to be frankly honest imma quit the team sooner than later

lmfaoo y’all thought this shit was so cute and my caption was like “how they gone fly high if they swimming inna lake of fire” loll wth this wasn’t no damn relationship goals nor was it sweet

don’t tell me you love me if we fucking bitch 💀💀💀💀 that shit is a turn off if we fucking i don’t wanna hear shit but “who pussy is this” and my response gone be “uh uh uh ittttts yours da da daddy”

okay but usually you have the award stages in middle school and then high school you have a small glo .. but Gucci stayed ugly for years needless to say but he so damn fine now and his teeth are perfect like oh my goshhhh

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