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ch527kerosene  ❓ Youtuber 🇺🇸 living in 🇳🇱 Profile pic by @libretasydemases Business Inquiries: ❤️ Dread Falls Tutorial! ⤵️

My camera loves this collar from @lui.trash so much that it didn’t want to focus on anything else. You and me both, camera 👀

Are you giving gifts this season? Have you started shopping? Have you finished?? I’ve had my ideas in mind for a while now and I’ve spent the last few hours searching for the right matches. It’s proving to be sliiightly difficult and I’m resisting the urge to send pics of all my choices to various people for them to pick out themselves. Sometimes I’d rather test how well I know someone and surprise them, you know? But it’s also nice to give things people will actually like/use haha. I suppose that’s where gift cards can come in handy! lol 🌟

I’m overwhelmed by the amount of love on my last post ❣️ Thank you so much to everyone who commented such uplifting and supportive things! Idk where I’d be without the people I’m so lucky to have in my life. 🌹
Related, this pic is from yesterday at the @attitudeholland Open Day! It was a super cute time of shopping, eating pancakes, and hanging out with some rad people. Outfit details: the belt is from eBay, dress from urban outfitters; the collar, tights, plaid top, shoes, and bralette are all from Attitude Holland lol. The tights I actually bought at the Open Day a year ago! haha

#flashbackfriday to the first time I danced with viXXXen back in August. Posting because I just put the in-depth vlog for this night on Patreon! I’ve been meaning to share more from this night (and from my dancing in general), but a big part of why I’ve held back is due to low self-image. My confidence was shattered this year and I’ve been struggling to build it back up. So while I don’t think I look especially great here or dance particularly well, I’m pushing through and focusing on the things I DO like about this video and that night. Like how I think my back looks nice here haha. If you wanna see more, my patreon is the same username! Or there’s a direct link on my twitter. Btw the song here is “Simulated (Radion6 Remix)” by Marco V according to the youtube copyright algorithm but I haven’t checked to confirm, so apologies if that’s incorrect. ❤️

Hope everyone is having an okay December so far ❤️

This hair is so pretty ❤️ the tutorial is linked in my bio!

New video is up!! All about how it only took me (less than) an hour to do this hair 😈 Wanna see how I did it?? Follow the link in my bio! ✨

Another one from when I wore this set as dread falls ❤️ I just posted the video on my Patreon for Flame+ patrons! It’ll be there for 2 days before I publish on Saturday. There’s a link in my story if you wanna see it early! 🔥
Extensions from @renas.dreads wrap shrug from @cyberdogofficial and bralette by @killstarco from @attitudeholland

Surprise! I installed my set from @renas.dreads! Finally 😄 Video for this and the dread fall look are on the way. Plus s/o to @lui.trash for the super dope collar! Love the black pvc and the positioning of the spikes is perfect (they don’t go all around which means they don’t get caught in my hair haha). 🖤

Once upon a time (aka in October) I wore my set from @renas.dreads as dread falls! That means it was an extra temporary look I did in less than an hour and only wore for one night. I modified it a bit, but you’ll be able to hear all about it in the vid I filmed! Which will be up on my patreon tomorrow 🤗 .
Harness thing is the mermaid bralette by @killstarco from @attitudeholland

New video is here!! Link in bio for an unboxing of the @vespermoth package @manicmoth sent me 💕 This was actually filmed the day I got everything but I had several videos that were scheduled to come out first so that’s why it’s up now 😅 so this is technically a #throwbackthursday post! lol

#ad Sharing one of my looks with this wig since @babalahair is having a Black Friday sale! 30% off sitewide for 24 hours starting Nov 23rd using the code “friday” ❤️ Plus they also have a $69 lucky bag sale (get random items worth up to $250), more info on their page. Btw if you haven’t seen this lookbook, it’s on my channel! Collar from @occultus_official necklace from @vespermoth and for the rest it’s in the video ✨

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