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Cat Café Studio  India’s first cat café is situated in Mumbai. Always open for all animal lovers who wish to enjoy a fine feline time along with their coffee. :)

Adele has gone to her forever home. Is this for real?

Nile & Venus found their hooman. This is such an emotional moment for us!

Cat Café Studio ran for the Run India Run marathon, and Ajit finished 10 kilometers in 72 minutes. #CCSHoomans represent!
P.S. The tshirt says Run Cat Café Studio Run 👟

#RunForStrays #RunIndiaRun #RaceWithTheRain #MMC

Ray and Helen got adopted as well :)

Ezra and Stacey got adopted today :')

Cat Café Studio is working on something awesome with @brunaabdullah. She's now a CCS Hooman. Can't wait to tell you guys more! Stay tuned, hoomans.
Shot by: @zcyphher

Hoomans. Ever wondered who puts the magic in your milkshakes and sandwiches? Here, meet one of the most comical characters of the #CCSHoomans team- Alam, our Head Chef!
What lesson do you take home from CCS?

I’m from Assam. Since I've started working here, I’ve learned a lot of Hindi and also English because I am always at the counter and customers come speak to me. I’m learning how to talk to people- what to say, what not to say… it’s difficult for me to talk to people I don't know, but I’m learning to do that at Cat Café Studio. It’s a part of my job.
My dream is to be a big chef and I take the progress of CCS very personally. I want the company to grow with me. It’s such a happy place! My favourite thing about this place is the staff here. Everybody is so friendly and loving. We all joke around with each other. They’ve become my family; especially my bosses- Mriidu, Charu and Aunty (Mriidu & Charu’s mother; commonly known as ‘Aunty’ here at CCS). They are extremely kind, and they treat me like an important part of this organisation. They never get angry or even yell at me when I make a mistake.
Which is your favourite cat?

Clint. He was awesome! He’d play with me all the time. The best part was that he would workout with me post work and imitate my actions while I worked out.
Which CCS House Rule do you feel most strongly about?
Speak Softly. Loud noises distract cats. This is so important. Cats tend to be afraid of loud noises especially because the ones we have here are rescue cats. They've come from a traumatic past and loud noises could seriously harm them. I don't like it when people sit in the cat area and make noise.

The excitement is hitting the roof! Why are our hoomans so pawsome?
If you'd like to give us a gift too, go to and search for Cat Café Studio.
If there's any difficulty with the same, you can reach us on +919619190290.

Mac and Wasabi got adopted! ❤️

Galaxies 🌌

#CCSHoomans: Shripad Bandekar

Which CCS House Rule do you feel most strongly about? “Do not feed cats from your plates.”
After rescuing cats from terrible conditions, we try to give them proper care and a specific diet fit for their recovery. A healthy diet for our cats consists of wet food and dry food which maintains their health and well-being. Wet food is fed twice a day and dry food is kept at different spots in the cat area which they can eat whenever they want. If they eat something else it may cause internal damage. Cats usually don’t chew much, so they might choke on human food. Also, the food we eat consists of spices which is not good for cats. I feel very strongly about this rule because I have seen some of our little kids vomit due to stomach infections and I have personally dealt with the distress they go through. It is often infuriating when customers feed the cats from their plates (we do sell treats in case somebody feels like feeding the cats). I understand that what they do may be in good faith, but it’d be nice if people asked us the reason behind our rules instead of just breaking them without a second thought.

#CCSHoomans are here to fill your Saturday afternoon with a good story.
Again, these last few hoomans are the most recently employed ones. Most of them are recent college graduates; some are still in college.
Meet Shripad Bandekar. Shripad is the assistant manager at Cat Café Studio. You've probably seen him around.
What lesson do you take home from Cat Café Studio?

Since the day I joined Cat Café, I have observed this one thing that whenever we see a cat in distress, especially if it’s a critical case or an emergency the whole team contributes in every possible way.
The team gets involved in everything starting from the rescue, then taking proper care of the cat through the recovery phase, and once healed, the team works together to get the cat adopted, so he/she can happily stay in their forever home. Team work is the key at Cat Café Studio. For a good cause like this everybody has to be united and I have learned the importance of this through my little time here.
Before I joined CCS, I barely acknowledged strays. Now I handle 40 cats' feeding, keep a check on their medical care including vet visits, feeding medicines from time to time, and I know how to tame them when they're in distress. Working here has been a wholesome experience.

Which cat inspires you?

It was a Monday morning when I met this cat. He had a spinal injury and was not able to eat or move his neck. I saw my colleague feeding him with the help of a syringe (I barely knew this was even possible then). I watched him fight like a warrior. He eventually started playing with other cats. One day, I suddenly saw him getting a seizure. I alerted the rest of the team, and we started the medications. His seizures still continued but this kid still fought through it. He’s better now, his seizures almost gone, and he now plays happily with all the kittens in the clinic. Alfred’s story inspires me. No matter what, you have to keep on fighting and face all the huddles in life and beat them.

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