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Cat Café Studio  India’s first cat café, situated in Mumbai; always open for all animal lovers who wish to enjoy a fine feline time along with their coffee. @zcyphher

Ariel - Winter is coming.But I am already here.
You carry on hoomans!

Mishka-People keep confusing me with Sparrow. Who is this guy?

What you doing Eva?
Eva: Dammit Hooman! It's a candid pose.

Winston - The litter Tray is empty again. Someone is stealing my poop!

Eden Ed - I just got a new phone. You better get ready for my Selfies!

Yeah Hooman! You finally got that spot!

Alvin Chip - Have you seen my Chipmunks???

Cat Café Studio is hiring a Senior Digital Media Executive with 3+ years experience.
Skills required:
-Experience in setting up and optimising Google Adwords campaigns
-Know-how in SEO & SEM
-Experience with social media campaigns & strategies
Please send an email to for a detailed job description.

All the selfies shared in the #momsnmeows contest were adorable, but these were the two undisputed winners! @peepalfarm & @shutter_keeda congratulations. Your hampers are on their way.
Thank all of you for your participation ❤
#orijenpetfoodindia #acanapetfoodindia

How often have we watched lives have get transformed because of a nightmare?

This is the story of Jo, who watched her nightmares come alive when she watched the documentary 'Meet your Meat' that led her to adopt, preach, and practise Veganism as a way of life- but that was not enough for her. She knew she wanted to make a difference not just to her way of life, but to take up animal activism and help save more animals. She started her journey by training her own dogs, working for animal rights and running around sticking PETA stickers on meat in a grocery store (SO brave). A perplexed human wanting to do her bit, Jo then struggled with various options- being a veterinarian for fish, an ecology field researcher, or running a nonprofit organisation which rescued animals. She finally chose the option that helped the most animals- the animal shelter. This is when a beautiful organisation was born at the foothills of the Himalayas. It’s now popular as Peepal Farm, and has helped save 475 animals (dogs, cats, horses, cows, as well as pigs). The one thing that keeps her going is that ‘they bear the biggest burden of cruelty on this planet’. She finds happiness in bringing them from a state of despair a happy place they can call Home.
With unwavering support from her mother and her business partner Robin, she manages Peepal Farm and is living her dream of helping animals in a happy, scenic Dharamshala. She begins her day by spending time with her dogs, then looking after her clinic, followed by a quick check on her social media activities and emails, and then the best part: loving and caring for all the animals at the farm. With each step she works towards her goal to make the world a place where animals live with dignity and cruelty is never tolerated.
Jo inspires us. She makes us proud. Jo is a SUPER MOM.
#momsnmeows #supermoms#catcafestudio#mothersday #animallover #catsofinstagram

Mom - Are you ready for #momsnmeows ?
Salem - *Meow* (yes)

A day full of nose nudging, furry paws and head bumps is how you celebrate Mother’s Day.
Come and spend your day with meows and purrs to have a happy weekend.

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