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Cat Café Studio  India’s first cat café is situated in Mumbai. Always open for all animal lovers who wish to enjoy a fine feline time along with their coffee. :)

Next hooman on our #CCSHoomans series is Rehman Charania. He is the Operations and PR Head at Cat Café Studio.
Which life experience changed your perspective on cats?

Before joining CCS I was very attached to cats during my stay in New York because cats were there for me when I was alone and detached from the world. I've realized decades ago that cats are the BEST companions you can have.

Who is your favourite cat from all the cats that CCS has rescued till date? Why?

Every rescued cat or kitten that enters the safety of CCS is precious to all of us and each one of them teaches us what it means to survive in this world. One such cat who survived all insurmountable odds was Phoenix who literally rose from the death after surviving a horrible hit and run accident. He patiently endured the pain associated with the accident and the surgery and even though he lost vision in one eye and was partially blind in another his penetrating eyes would melt your soul like he's trying to tell you something. So to answer your tricky question I've to say Phoenix was my companion that I loved a lot. 😻
Any embarrassing moment you've had at CCS?

Other than cats sniffing each other's butts and licking their balls in front of the visitors no major embarrassing moments!

Is it just us or does she look like an athlete ...

Nile's completely blind, but his will is unbeatable. He's a happy little warrior! 🌸
He reminds us of lines from Dylan Thomas' beautiful poem: "Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

It feels like such a long week already!

2/2 #CCSHoomans : Shweta Lahange

Cat in picture: Phoebe

Who is your favourite cat from all the cats that CCS has rescued till date? Why?

As the CCS motto says, Rescue, Care, Love, Adopt, all the cats who are rescued are cared for and loved by everyone. They become extremely important parts of our lives. Choosing a favourite cat among them would be difficult. However, my heart melted at the sight of this cute little stupid cat whom we called Forrest. Till the time i officially adopted him, I would make sure that I hid him from every adopter who ever came. People used to call me crazy, but I knew he was my soulmate. I knew I wanted him in my life, and finally i did. Today I have my favourite cat with me. He has his best friend Phoebe to accompany him too!

Cat in picture: Forrest
#CCSHoomans 1/2
Next one in line, is Shweta. Shweta Lahange is the Head Supervisor at Cat Café Studio.
Which life experience changed your perspective on Cats?
So, it was my first day at Zcyphher. I entered and saw no humans around me, just cats. It wasn't very surprising because I had been cautioned about this earlier. It was just unusual. Having already been assigned a project, I settled down on my desk, opened a file, and within 10 mins, this cat who was at first just staring at me from afar suddenly decided to jump on my lap, settled down and started to purr.
I had never experienced even touching a cat before, and suddenly when that happened I was wondering if everything was alright with the cat. He was making weird cat noises (which I now know is called purring). He scared me at first but in sometime Nagesh our office boy walked into the room and I asked him if the cat’s behaviour was normal. He looked at me, amused, and said, “Kuch nahi karega who bus aapko pyaar karne ko bol raha hai,” and walked out of the room. He then walked back in again, and almost as an afterthought, said, “Waise uska naam Toby hai, yaha pe sab billi ka naam hota hai.” _____

Any embarrassing moment you've had at CCS?
We were shifting into our new bungalow. We all were busy arranging things in the cat area and there were workers doing their job and our crazy cats were trying to help them by destroying what they were doing. Amidst all this, I saw the carpenter push Clint (our alpha cat), and I got furious at his audacity. Clint was only playing with his bag, after all. I yelled at him for doing so. The poor guy was listening to everything quietly, when I suddenly felt something warm under my leg. I looked down and saw water coming out of his equipment bag. Only that the water was yellow, and it wasn't water, it was Clint’s pee. I was so embarrassed about giving him a shouting!

Hot coffee, anybody?

Cat Café Studio wishes a Happy Father's Day to all the cat daddies out there. 🐾
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Our June adoption camp is here! We hope your family plan involves these bundles of joy (and lots of attitude, to be honest). Come meet our personalities, and what's more, we've finally launched the new CCS Merchandise. It's only available at the café as of now. So come get the cool merchandise for yourself and your kitty before we run out.
See mew!

Not pregnant, just fat.

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