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Cat Café Studio  India’s first cat café is situated in Mumbai. Always open for all animal lovers who wish to enjoy a fine feline time along with their coffee. :)


#CCSHoomans 2/2
Dixit Moolya

3. Clint: Clint is my spirit animal. He doesn't go to the food, the food comes to him and if he wants to pee he pees on you and you have no choice other than to deal with it. If there is a contest for being lazy you don't have to think twice and just announce him the winner. But you know what? He would be too lazy to even be there to collect the prize. He is an inspiration for all the lazy asses out there.

Which CCS house rule do you feel most strongly about and why?
Do not pick up the cats. Like humans, animals are living souls too, they are not toys or objects. Neither are they humans. Yet they mourn. They love. They suffer. They know the peaks and depths of existence. So respect their personal space. Cats are not stuff toys to be picked and pulled all around. If you want that, please go and buy a fidget spinner instead.
You don't choose a cat, the cat chooses you. You just have to be patient with them. If they want to play with you well and good but if not, better luck next time.


This #CCSHoomans post has been long overdue. Meet the Van Gogh behind all our creatives- our graphic designer, Dixit Moolya. He doesn't talk much, but wont shy away from killing you with his bare hands if he sees Helvetica on a poster design (or anywhere, actually). When he does talk, it's probably some hilarious GoT reference.
What lesson do you take home from CCS?
When the cats are rescued, it is quite difficult to see them arrive all beaten up, abandoned and starving. Here they are treated, fed, and given a very loving environment. After spending so much time with them, sometimes it is very difficult to see them leave, even when they are going to a better place and with a lovely family. CCS thought me to be a rescuer. I learnt that the rescuers have this selfless quality to make room in their hearts to save more and more souls, no matter how much it hurts to say goodbye. Some people don't understand why we save animals, but I don't understand why they even wonder. Caring for animals isn't what we do, it's who we are and this is going to stay with me for life.

Which cat do you relate to or feel inspired by? Why?
I can go on and on about this one but I'll keep it to 3 cats.
1. Nile: He is such a loose cannon. He always sat in the centre of the room like he was meditating or gazing into infinity, inside his protective bubble. If you even dared to break his bubble, he would claw you to death (kidding). He is blind and yet he would beat up every cat like the cat area was his turf. Now he has a loving family and we miss him dearly.
2. Meenu: She is such a sweetheart! She just needs your love and petting 24/7. She will sit on your lap and look at you with her mesmerising eyes and mew like she's saying you can't resist me, you have to pet me. And trust me, you cannot escape that sorcery. You have to pet her till you die.

When mom tries to wake you up early on a Sunday...

@brunaabdullah styled our plain t-shirt, and it looks so chic!


Buster and Kelsie just got adopted! Such a precious moment for us. 🌠

Us: OMG Happy World Cat Day!!!
Cats: Shut up, peasants. All days are cat days. You just need something to be excited about. Stop it.
Us: ...
Cats: ...

Valerie just got adopted! 🐈

@danny_sura for Cat Café Studio
Shot by: @zcyphher

Are you coming?
P.S. DM us for tshirt orders!
@brunaabdullah for Cat Café Studio
Shot by: @zcyphher

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