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adrian raj  alleged asshole '95 starlet EP82 + '94 cresta JZX90 + '90 levin AE92 KUL

We are all wild animals.

Doesnt look like much but goddamn this wagyu beef bowl tasted hella good.

Alvin's hot juice box.

Checked out some kadazan-dusun fare which was pretty good. Washed it down with some tapai called siopon.

Jangan buat perangai mcm babi, nanti kene makan mcm babi.
#babi4life #sinalaubakas #adeapedenganbabi #samakperut #babihutan #babikampung #babidesa

Woi babi! #babi4life


Fresh to death.

Kem konsentrasi lembu yahudi.

Just the tip. #thatswhatshesaid

Roommates for this trip, nahko and astra.

“I pulled a tooth the size of a shot glass out of the wreck hull of a boat out there, and it was the tooth of a Great White.”