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FRIDAY😝😝 enough said , leave us an emoji if you've seen our latest #momtruth (linked in the profile) , apparently it's a lot of people's favourite to date 😂😂

#catandnatcardance ! Because fun should never end, life is so intense and serious . And let's be honest shouldn't we be embarrassing our kids at this point in life? It's time right?! 😜😜. #funforlife. Tag your "act a fool" friend ❤️❤️. @badgalriri "cheers"

@ashleyevephoto emailed us and asked if she could film a day in the life - we didn't know what to expect but wow. She didn't want us to know she was there and capturing the tiny gong show that follows us means so so much ❤️🙌🏻

It's been 8 years, 8 years 7 babies between the two of us . With each baby came the question of sh*t can we do this ? is this going to push us over the edge? 8 years of finding our footing and losing it again and again. 8 years of gaining weight, losing weight, recovering from 7 babies between us. The feeling of "out of control", the question of ""will I ever get dressed again"'s just a reminder that having babies, making babies it's not something "you bounce back from" . It's a dang long journey that you need to go easy on yourself, like really easy knowing that one day, like 8 years , doing your happy, even if it's only your happy for an hour, will come back .

This picture amongst the real picture that was total chaos that went like this : one constantly ringing the doorbell, the other stealing the others everything just to make them scream, one throwing water literally everywhere, one growling...yup just growling at the others, one on the edge of a total meltdown, one claiming to be starving and "hates dinner", tattle telling, apparently one burnt his eyes in the chlorine so screamed on the couch with ice , two decided to have a poo party , all while us trying to make dinner and survive. The thing is almost every moms life is chaos, kids are chaos. That's just what they are- and if you're not a parent, and you're shaking your head like this will never be me.....because your kids just won't be that way. Stay tuned, you also won't change almost any of it for the world, cheers mamas 🍸🍸, to the freaking chaos 😘

Friends from high school, mom soul mates (who are not married, we have husbands 😜) for life, two girls (because women sound so grown up) who get to wake up and live full out, fall hard making mistakes, jumping head first, supporting each other without second guessing the other, two people who support each other through the everything, the ups the downs ....just two moms posing in the car acting a fool 🙈❤️😂 sunglasses details on our website

You know there's a few guarantees about motherhood that should unite us not divide us -
1) when you have your first newborn you'll wonder if you'll ever leave the house again and you'll wonder how other people have more than one
2) you'll have sh*t parenting moments/days/weeks/months, you'll also have rockstar ones where you blow your own mind
3) you'll get it wrong so many times, you'll get it so wrong but you'll also get it right, so so right
4) you'll cry, it'll be so hard you'll cry, you'll love so hard you'll cry
5) you'll feel guilt , you'll wish for redo's, your kids will push you in a way that no one else can
6) they'll make your brain rattle, the crying the whining the fighting will literally make your brain rattle.
7) you will fall in love so hard that it'll hurt, they will bring out the best in you, they are your everything and no one can love them as hard as you do , you're their mom ❤️

We’re baaaack !! Woo hooooooo - Join us live on Facebook right now! We’re recapping our vacay, talking hot topics, and we’ve partnered with @CanadianTire to share (and giveaway!!) a new must-have product - the mifold Grab-and-Go Booster. Leave an emoji down below if you’ll be watching!! We’ve missed you guys 💗💗

Well y'all that's a wrap! Kids vacation ends and our's begins aka day camp for the week for ALL the kids 💃🏼👯‍♂️. Don't be alarmed if you hear the wheels peeling away at drop off 😜😂 #jokes . Until we miss them at the end of the week and have the week off with them again.....#theviciousmomcycle

It's the only thing you can't stop, buy, reverse, borrow, get more of or get back...time. It makes you miss moments as you live them and it breaks your heart in the best way.

The struggle is real y'all - #momtruthfriday "mom dating" . Tag the moms you dated and it worked out 😜😂#momtruth link in profile to see the whole dang video

Motherhood is not made up by the way you cook their food, the things that you buy them, or don't buy them, the way you dress or the way they do, it's not made up by off the chart birthday parties, it not made up by your banging body, or not so banging body, it's not made by your spotless gorgeous house, or by your small tiny house...and on and on. It's made up by you and how you love them. That's it. A happy mom who loves them. It's all they need ❤️

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