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CATALINA KUTZNER  choose to be kind 🌱⚡️

Well the snow has arrived and what an amazing way to start the day! ❄️ Of course an obligatory snow man is included! ☃️😊

It’s okay that it’s -2 degrees when you’re in a beautiful place like this! ❄️ Took an early morning walk before work. Let’s hope to see some snow fall tonight! ☺️

Que belleza! 🇨🇱❤️

Día con la familia 🇨🇱❤️

End of an era, 6yrs done and dusted at Swimfit. Here’s to the next big adventure. Thanks @chelsea.saurus for making each day filled with sunshine and happiness! 💚 Love ya ma lil papadum!

En route to a marvellous day by the ocean.

Soaking up the sun before heading to colder climates in a month or so 🙈😃

baby moon 🌙

Missing me some warm summer afternoons by the sea ☀️

Beautiful plant oasis 🌿

On rainy cold days we like to pretend we’re on holidays in Thailand 😂🌴 @kristy_foster1

Kelly’s Bay would be nice right now🌴

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