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Eric Anderson  I missed you New York--come catch us at the Mercury Lounge on Friday, November 9th!

A little behind the scenes making this next record at Tiny Telephone from our pal @racheldemy. It's time to show the world some of these tunes and what better place than New York City? We're playing a full band show at @mercuryloungeny on Friday, November 9th!
Without getting into too much inside baseball this is a big show for us--I'd be honored if you joined us! We'll be playing lots of tunes from Keepers and Gilded Oldies alongside some new jams from the forthcoming record. I'm unbelievably proud of these songs and can't wait to see the east coast fam.
This show will sell out so grab a ticket using the link in our bio—see ya in November!

Getting wild before our show tonight! 9:45 at the tractor with ye olde @purebathingcult!

Played the new set for Snickers the dog last night and he freaked out. This music is too strong for dogs, lethal for children under 21, but just right for adult humans. Come on out on 8/24 to see us at @tractortavern @purebathingcult!

VERY EXCITING SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: on Friday, August 24th we’re playing with America’s best band @purebathingcult at @tractortavern! I’ve been hibernating a bit getting ready to put out the next Cataldo record but this show offer woke me right up. Couldn’t possibly say no!
We’ll be trotting out freshly recorded jams and generally cracking our musical back after getting up from a little nap (followed by reveling in the incredible songs and vibes of PBC). I never miss an opportunity to see these folks play and you shouldn’t either! Tickets in bio!

Tank top with a picture of our cat 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @corrie_strange

Hello! Hope you’re well, I’ve been having a quiet Cataldo summer preparing to sharing new tunes. We are however playing one (1) show on 7/27 celebrating the anniversary “Three Rounds and a Sound” with @blindpilot! Love these folks—I’ve toured with them a lot over the years and actually played the #3RAAS release show with them 10 years ago (what?!). It’s sold out but we’ll see you ticket holders down in Pdx in a couple weeks
Have been playing a ton with my buds in @listentoruler it’s a total joy to keep sharing Matt’s songs; here’s some photos of us at KEXP on Wednesday by the fantastic @amberlynnez. We’re at Timber tomorrow, come check it out!

Tbh pretty typical

Lil peak

night cat

Y'all! WE HAVE REACHED OUR KICKSTARTER GOAL! A huge thank you to each and every one of you for donating and getting the word out. I am unbelievably excited to make this record and share it with you!
It's now somewhat de rigueur to announce a "stretch goal" i.e. a related project that you would undertake in addition to your previously stated goal. You fantastically generous folks have already donated considerably over our original goal and I want to let you know where that money will go! There are plenty of spendy steps in the record-making and record-promoting process that would be worthy of mentioning. Making music videos, album art, setting aside some money to fairly pay the band on the road, and so on.
When considering a stretch goal I was drawn to a project that relates more directly to the recording process that you all have made happen. Y'all donated and pre-ordered to help me make a record in part because of the unique methodology and situation; I'd love to show you a little bit of that process. To that end I'd like to announce a stretch goal of $2,500 to get my friend Christopher Harrell down to shoot some video of us recording!
I've worked a ton with Christopher and he's one of my favorite collaborators--intuitive and emotional with a really defined, satisfying aesthetic and mood. Christopher directed the video for this very Kickstarter as well as the music videos for Photograph, Little Heartbeat, and Between You and Me. He is a highly in demand director and designer who kindly spends time with me and others in the considerably less lucrative work of music videos and other weirdo art projects. $2,500 will get him and any collaborators to and from San Francisco, cover equipment rentals, feed them burritos and leave a bit to compensate him for his time and talent.
I'm not sure what we'll make out of it--a mini doc? A music video? It depends on how cool we look making the record. 😬 Help us get to $21,000 and enjoy sumptuous, beautiful video of us shredding!
Thank you again for donating and for your supportive notes and emails--y'all are the most thoughtful, good-hearted, fans and friends a songwriter could ask for. ❤️❤️❤️
📷: @genevievempierson

NEW SONGS PIZZA PARTY! On Wednesday, 4/25 I’m playing a bunch of new songs with some of the best songwriters in the city at @dinosseattle in their new event space. We’ve got your @johnroderick, your @tomonakayama, not to mention your @cumulus.songs. Best of all it’s only 5 bucks! Worst of all we can only fit 100 people in there. Link in bio!!

One week in, two-thirds funded, and stuff is running low!
I continue to be blown away by your generosity y'all--we're almost done with our first week and have already funded just shy of 2/3s of the project! We're making such good progress but still have miles to go before we sleep--check out the link in my bio if you haven't had a chance and share it with a pal if you're so moved!
We're getting down to the wire on a few of our limited items; there's only two house shows and one cover song left. We just sold out of polaroids from the session with a letter from yours truly so I increased the limit from 10 to 13 (one for every day we're recording). Snag those while you can!

Thank you again for your limitless generosity and the many sweet notes and good vibes you've been sending--they mean the world!

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