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Cat Aldana | Nap Queen  Empowering you to do less with more focus✨ Founder @eatstretchnap + @cataldanainternational Yogi. Intuitive. Coach. Cat Mom! Watch my Masterclass!👇🏼

Chips and I are soo judging you 🤨 #jk #loveyou #bye @chips.thecat #weekend #vibes

Just finished up @eatstretchnap’s Sunday Stretch playlist and it’s got me all emotional 😭☺️ we’re getting soulful this Sunday and I can’t wait to stretch and get all up in our feelings together 😚 This will most likely be our last rooftop yoga class of the season so get on it! Class is Sunday, Sept 16 @10AM @acehotelchicago. Link in bio 🙌🏼 #eatstretchnap #acehotelchicago #sundaystretch photo by

Ground yourself 🧘🏻‍♀️ @eatstretchnap has a TON of events coming up this fall, not to mention I have some big trips coming up to LA, maybe Puerto Rico?, the Philippines, Australia, Aruba + Mexico. (The reality of this is sinking in as I type! 🤯) I’ll be honest, I used to dream of traveling like this just a few years ago, but now, the reasons I travel are so much different. There’s no longer this underlying tension of wanting to escape my life, but instead an appreciation for what I already have. I feel so much more grounded now. I love everything about Chicago! I don’t ever want to leave! But there’s so much to explore, how can I stay? Check out the link in my bio for upcoming @eatstretchnap events including Sunday Stretch at 10AM at @acehotelchicago this weekend! Plus much, much more! Grateful for you all ✨ #eatstretchnap #travel #retreat

I’ll never forget that dreadful, anxious feeling I had as I graduated college about to enter corporate America. There was this feeling in me that knew everything I studied and worked hard for didn't matter, that I wasn't really happy, and that life could be much more than straight A's and a 9-5. "A desk job will always be there for you, Cat. You might as well take a chance on something new NOW!", my inner voice said. And that's when I knew I had to make a change.
If you are like me, you value your intuition/your gut feeling/inner voice more than anything in the world. And that’s why it makes sense for you to listen and honor that voice if it's asking you to make a change right now.

For me, it was deciding to pursue learning and teaching Yoga and doing everything I could to stay true to that voice.

For you, it may be spending time in nature, leaving everything you're doing behind, and finally slowing down and relaxing enough to even *hear* your intuition.
That's what @eatstretchnap Retreats are for. I hope you'll join me in this on-going, life-long journey of self-discovery - Because there's no one more fun, more worthy, more exciting or more powerful to get to know...than yourself ✨

You're the one you're waiting for!! The next @eatstretchnap Retreat is January 12-19, 2019 at the beautiful @xinalani retreat center outside of Puerto Vallarta. Every room is sold out except singles! So if you’re looking for a solo adventure - this is it. Link in bio! #namaste #eatstretchnap #eatstretchnapretreat #xinalani #mexicoretreat

Sunday Stretch is in 12 days!! Did you get your ticket yet? Link in bio! 🙌🏼 let’s make rooftop yoga season last forever 🤗 @eatstretchnap #eatstretchnap #sundaystretch #rooftopyoga

September is my birthday month AND International Yoga Month. SOoOo EXCITED!!!! Idk how I’m gonna beat my Golden Birthday last year at @bangtel! 🤔 I’m up late dreaming up ideas!!! 😈😈😈 In the meantime, check out @eatstretchnap’s events page + my stories for some super fun wellness events I’m a part of this month! Lots of female focused speaking gigs + good old fashioned stretching🤣 Can’t wait to celebrate the best month ever with you!!! 🙆🏻‍♀️ #linkinbio #bangtel #birthdayvideo by @msagrr

Soften and learn to truly believe in something greater than yourself✨ #September #intentions @eatstretchnap photo by @sularawear #costarica #eatstretchnap #rest #retreat

That one time I got a flat tire on my bike and borrowed @tiffanynflynn’s convertible to drive my friends (+ my bike!) home at midnight on a Wednesday. Ooo #summernights #topdown #bikesup casual just for fun video by @msagrr 😘

I spend a lot of time alone and I think it’s what makes me so happy 🤣 Solitude + silence is my greatest teacher and best friend. (That, and @chips.thecat!) 😜 If you feel like you’ve been putting yourself on the back burner and need some time to get away from everything you’ve been doing, come on the next @eatstretchnap Retreat in January! Spend time in nature figuring out what’s next for you and listening to your own heart and what makes you happy! Sometimes all you need is a little quiet time, some support, and new friends to help you get out of a funk. Link in bio for info! We head to @xinalani January 12-19, 2019. There are only single rooms left so perfect if you’re looking for some me-time/solo adventure!! #eatstretchnap #eatstretchnapretreat #xinalani #xinalaniretreat photo by @nazaquiros

As it is, I am ✨ When you get hooked on what your senses provide you - life feels very limited. When you let go of what your senses provide you - life feels infinite! Infinite is what you truly are 🙏🏼 I meditate because I yearn to be more of who I am. Meditation is the fastest, easiest way I’ve found to connecting to the infinite, expansive part of me. It’s my favorite thing to do (other than dancing to @ladygaga ☺️) I’m working on creating some audio meditations for everyone in my community right now! If you want to be the first to know when they’re ready, comment below! Excited to share this gift with you 🙆🏻‍♀️ #eatstretchnap #audiomeditation #loveyourselfie #meditation photo by @likes.this

To be fully self-expressed is the most beautiful feeling in the world ✨ When I lead @eatstretchnap Retreats, I feel the most at ease, happy, and confident in myself and the work I do. My hope is for everyone in the world to experience this sort of bliss! When everything you think, say and do flows naturally out of you...that’s when life becomes something greater. You realize your role in all of “this” , you realize how your life impacts others and how everything truly is gonna be okay 🤗 I can’t wait to head to @xinalani in January 2019! There are only single rooms available so if you’re looking for your own solo escape, away from it all...this is it! 💜 link in bio #eatstretchnap #retreat #xinalani #xinalaniretreat

My prescription for joy: 1.) DANCE. (Like at a club, flail your arms around and touch your body with no rules type of dancing...lip syncing top 40 anthems is helpful too😘) 2.) TRAVEL. (Doesn’t have to be far, just new!) 3.) PEOPLE. (Be fully present with people who give you *more* energy, not take it away! Extra points if they’re complete strangers and you walk away with a new friend!) ✨Things don’t have to change the world to bring you joy or be important. You’re allowed to do things just for the pure fun of it! Have fun. Do your thing. Repeat. ✌🏼 #eatstretchnap #namaste #joy #yoga #fun #dance #throwback @versaceversashi

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