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Cat Williamson ~ DFW Realtor®  Cat Williamson Real Estate ... "Setting The Stage For Your Life"!

I’m. A. Dork! This I know! 😹

She is YOU @impala_baby_1967 and @mj_q33n. Don’t ever forget it, both of you! Love - Momma C

So many people I have to be thankful for! ❤️

Ha! @waterloorevival ... Should I or shouldn’t I try this new stuff at Costco? Signs point to - uh YAH!! 😹

Happy Mother’s Day To Me ... #26! ❤️

Oh my GOSH no words could be more true! @impala_baby_1967 ❤️

Oh My LLAMA! 😹❤️

Dear Frog ... ❤️

@simplygreggles :: The morning of my 35th birthday I walked outside and begged God to PLEASE send a sign to let me know if my daughter Gina had made it home and was with Him. Literally, and I’m not EVEN joking, this girl landed on my hand within a minute. It was one of the most ethereal moments of my existence and one, and I mean NO ONE will ever convince me that He didn’t REALLY send that butterfly to me at that very moment to answer my prayer so I could have the much needed peace for my grief! My sister was with me when it all happened and got the pictures. Not sure if I’d have been able to believe it otherwise! ❤️

@huntersmith.gsd ... my baby is doing the SAME exact thing! 😹❤️

My Horse Boyfriend! What??? 😹❤️

926 Southfork Drive Allen, Texas ... Offered @ $480k ... Call, Text or PM me @ (469) 247-1614 ... www.CallCat.Today!

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