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Miriam Kirmayer  Therapist • Friendship Researcher • Media Contributor Writer @Psych_Today @theeverygirl_ ✉️ Find My Friendship Tips 👇🏼

Starting the day off with a little bit of gratitude before a whole lot of writing ✍🏼 @fiveminutejournal

In case you missed it, I’m sharing how our friendships change when we become parents and what we can all do to keep our friends close during this exciting, exhausting, and incredibly meaningful ride in my latest for @psych_today —> Link in bio.
Who has been your biggest support? 👇🏼

Things are becoming very real, very quickly around here!

Finally got around to planting our herb garden this weekend after a morning visit to the market. There are few things that make me happier than fresh basil and cilantro— I’m definitely in opposition to those who claim it tastes like soap! 🌿

Making time for each other when you’re both perpetual students may not be easy, but it sure is worth it! So grateful to have this time away together and already looking forward to our next adventure 💙

So nice we visited twice! We’ve tried to squeeze as much as possible out of Boston in these last 24 hours but @tattebakery was worth a second stop. Headed to Ogunquit this morning and really looking to a change of pace!

Looking forward to taking this bump on the road! We’re headed to Boston and Maine for a little getaway at the end of this week and it’s been a while since we were there last. Would love to hear about some of your favorite spots and recommendations!🦐

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with @drcassidy for the @holdingspacepodcast and our episode is now live! We spoke about all things friendship, including why friendships are so important for us as adults and what makes them different from our other relationships. I also shared some of my tips and resources to help you make new connections and friends, especially for those who are new parents or working as entrepreneurs.
I first connected with @drcassidy about 2 years ago through Instagram of all places! Since then, she has been an incredible source of both inspiration and mentorship for how we can use social media in a way that is accessible, relatable, and responsible.
I’m thrilled to be be a part of her podcast and would love for you to have a listen (link in bio) and join our conversation by sharing your thoughts below!

Today is National Best Friend Day and you know I’m always happy to have any excuse to celebrate friendship! But what does having a best friend in adulthood really look like? Do you NEED to have a best friend? And are there any drawbacks to thinking about friendships in this way?
I’m sharing some of my thoughts today in stories (So excited to be doing more of these!!). Check it out and would love to hear your thoughts 👇🏼.

BOY OH BOY! Thrilled to share that this little one will be joining our family in September, 2018 💙

Starting the day off with an early morning walk before settling into a day of writing 🌿.

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