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A quick update on my exercising I haven’t been doing it as much but starting tomorrow Friday every morning I will do 5 push-ups 3 curl ups then 50 jumping jacks 25 squats 15 burpee‘s now the way Iam going to prove it is of course a YouTube channel/video and also at night I will be using the 15 pound at lest 150 time each arm then use the Bicycle for 35 mins I still don’t know what will my YouTube channel will be called but I will tell you guy tomorrow in the morning or afternoon that’s all

Happy New Years everyone btw just imagine the fireworks as gunshots cuz it’s Oakland😊

Hell yeah and a happy merry Christmas

Going to miss them and I cant smile 🙃

Yo happy late thanksgiving everyone thank you so much to my friends and the people who support me I like to thank to @salty.swiss.medic @dont_worry_about_it_510 @larb711 @r_god19 @chava2301 @andreasspam600 @98.alee for being there and supporting me making me laugh and trying to help me complete my goal thank you all/ Update going to make a YouTube channel of me working out so join me on a Journey of me losing weight either iam starting today or tomorrow so stay tune

Thank you to @larb711 for helping me

Day 2&3 complete tired af boy iam ready for tomorrow btw Iam going to die to

Raw XD

Rip my mom car we just got Robbed they took my backpack and Jesse backpack 2 and my Mouse rip

Iam fucking dead 💀 but first day complete i’m so happy for myself thank you for supporting me in the soccer practice @larb711 @chava2301 @r_god19 and @dont_worry_about_it_510 thank you so much 😊

The smallest mango

This is my first watching The Walking Dead iam a big pussy of horror

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