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Annica  Please Adopt don't shop

#Repost from @erindogovich with ... IMAGINE IF EVERYONE JUST SHARED 1 DOG ❤
12 Precious Dogs are at Risk
To be killed 11/17 🆘
Please help.. Deadline is 12noon. 🕒
🐕🐾❤ .
Thinking of Adopting or Fostering from NYCACC.

Some RESCUE applications forms⬇⬇ .

Imagine Pet Rescue

Looking Glass

Louie’s Legacy

Rebound Hounds

Rescue Dogs Rock

Second Chance Rescue

Zani’s Furry Friends

RESCUES have a few basic RULES, depending on rating of dog, kids should be 5 or older for average rated & 13 or older for experienced, any animal in home should be fixed unless medical waiver can be provided by vet, & up to date on shots. Pit experience a plus. .
Rescue Haven Foundation :
Snarr - Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation! . ✅✅✅✅✅ .
*****TO ADOPT*****
⤵ PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE DOGS can be RESERVED via if you can get to the NYC ACC "in person" within 48 hours to complete the adoption process & bring home your dog❤

#FOSTER you have to be within 4 hours of NYC & to
#ADOPT you have to be in the general NE US area; NY, #NJ, #CT, PA, DC, MD, DE, NH, RI, MA, VT & ME. .
✔ Save a life! 🐕
Thank you for caring. ❤

#fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop #rescue #save #nyc #pitbulls #dogs #blackdogs #seniordogs #puppies

#Repost from @erindogovich with ... 🌟😀ASPEN IS RESERVED 🌟
12 precious dogs are at Risk:
Please help 🐕TBD 11-17- 2018 at NYC Acc..
🔶 🔍 to view album . . .
🆘** ADOPTERS & FOSTERS NEEDED **. Publicly Adoptable dogs can be RESERVED AND The adoption must be done before NOON🕤
APPLY TO NH RESCUES if you wish to #FOSTER or Adopt a dog on the list.
Fostering is🆓🆓 and all expenses are paid. 🔐The general rule is to #foster you have to be within 4 hours of the New Hope Partner rescues you are applying with.
List of rescues :
To #ADOPT you will have to be in the general NE US area; NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC, MD, DE, NH, RI, MA, VT & ME (some rescues will transport to VA)
TO ADOPT A PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE #DOG....THEY Can be reserved direct online, till noon, by someone genuinely wanting to
ADOPT , who can personally get to the SHELTER by 6 p.m SUNDAY TO collect the dog(48 hrs from when listed) :

There is a $200( plus transaction fee of $2) DEPOSIT REQUIRED. $150 WILL BE REFUNDED ONCE PROOF OF SPAY/NEUTER IS SUPPLIED.


🍭FOR VIDEOS of the dogs @tanyasrocks

SHELTER contact information:
Phone number (212) 788-4000
Shelter Addresses:
BROOKLYN Shelter: 2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11208
MANHATTAN Shelter: 326 East 110 St. New York, NY 10029
STATEN ISLAND SHELTER: 3139 Veterans Road West Staten Island, NY 10309 ❤

#help #fosteringsaveslives #ny #nyc #newyork #brooklyn #manahattan #statenisland #shelterdogs #adoptdontshop #pennsylvania #bronx #queens #capecod #maine #hamptons #massachusetts #cutedogs #shelterdogs #risk #urgent #nycatriskdogs

#Repost from @erindogovich with ... CLIP💖
***** To Be KILLED 11/17/18 in NYC *****

Chihuahua Lovers, little Clip NEEDS YOU NOW!!! Adorable little Clip was found as a STRAY so not much is known about this cutie pie but what we DO know is, is that he IS ON the NYC Kill list for "having shown fearful behavior & sensitivity" at ACC. SERIOUSLY?
This IS a #CHIHUAHUA after all. Of course he is fearful. He is SO trying to be brave, one moment he is social in playgroup & the next nervous & timid. Well, that got him to be a rescue-only status SO APPLY NOW to save his life, before it is too late!. COME ON, you can tell HE IS TRYING!!! He just NEEDS A CHANCE!! Little Clip would do best in an ADULT-ONLY, experienced new home, & certainly has all the potential to be a great pup & wonderful new best friend so APPLY NOW to save this adorable little nugget. HURRY, #JustDOit APPLY NOW & Save his Life!!! .
To #FOSTER or #ADOPT darling little Clip, SPEAK UP NOW & Save a Life, APPLY with rescues IMMEDIATELY!!!!
Clip #47066
I am a male white dog #Brooklyn Animal Care Center.
The shelter thinks I am about 8 years old.
I only weigh 13 lbs.
I came into the shelter as a stray on 12-Nov-2018.

Microchip Scan:Negative
Evidence of Cruelty:None
Observed Behavior: Nervous, timid and apprehensive
Sex: Male Intact
Estimated Age: 3yrs
Subjective: Clip came in as a stray, no known medical HX
Upon intake, Clip allowed collaring and being put on a leash. Clip walked outside with counselor just fine and used the bathroom. Clip was quiet during intake.

Date of Intake: 11/12/2018

Basic Information:: Clip is an approx 1. year old dog that was found as a stray. Clip has a mass on his left back leg, has hair loss on his back, and has dry blood and an irritated back side. AT RISK for both behavioral & medical concerns. He has shown fearful behaviors and sensitivity with handling in the ACC Clip has growled and snapped when handled at times, showing discomfort with touch in certain areas. He has been diagnosed with multiple masses, pyoderma and a heart murmur that may need follow up care.

#iheartdogs #ilovedogs

#Repost from @erindogovich with ... OREO💖
***** To Be KILLED 11/17/18 in NYC *****

Small dog savvy folks, this is your chance to save a life!!! Gorgeous little 7 year young Oreo IS On the #NYC Kill List !!! HELP !!! FOR A New Family To Know: Little Oreo is described as a mellow little guy who loves to lounge around with his person. He is well-behaved when left alone, crate trained, knows some commands & loves brisk walks around the block on the leash. LISTEN, this little guy needs A CHANCE, TLC & a patient someone who will take him "under their wing" & help him be the super-star #PUP we now he can be. PLEASE, PLEASE, APPLY NOW to save his life but HURRY, Just DO IT, APPLY NOW & Save his Life!!!
. ************************
To #FOSTER or #ADOPT beautiful little Oreo, SPEAK UP NOW & Save a Life, APPLY with rescues IMMEDIATELY!!!!
Oreo #47020
Small Mixed Breed
Sex male
Age 7 yrs (approx.) - 10 lbs
My health has been checked.
My vaccinations are up to date.
My worming is up to date.
I have been micro-chipped.
#Brooklyn, NY ACC.
Owner surrender on 11-Nov-2018, with the surrender reason stated as animal behaviour - aggressive towards people.

AT RISK for behavioral concerns. He has shown fearful behavior & sensitivity to handling while in the ACC. Oreo has a multiple-bite history and escalates quickly to snapping & biting, so this is an established behavior that he offers when he feels threatened. He has been diagnosed with dental disease that may need follow up care but otherwise there are no medical concerns at this time.
Previously lived with:: 2 Adults.. for 5 years
: When a stranger approaches Oreo, he will growl at first. Owner stated that it takes Oreo several days to become comfortable around someone new : Oreo has been around children of all ages. Owner stated that he was always respectful & tolerant. Over the LAST YEAR, Oreo has been growling when children would approach

Behavior during intake:
Oreo had a tense body, trembling, tail tucked during intake.
When counselor went to scan for a microchip, Oreo began to growl.
Counselor was able to take a picture without any issues though.

#Repost from @erindogovich with ... OLIVIA💖
**** TO BE KILLED - 11/17/2018 ****
A PLEA FOR A HEARTBREAKING VELVET BEAUTY! Young Olivia arrived at the shelter friendly to all, with a loose wiggly body & allowing all handling, including collaring. LACTATION was DISCOVERED during her exam, though she arrived without puppies. The suspicion of a forlorn, grieving, throw away mama, missing her puppies begins.... Fast forward to experiencing life at a kill shelter, Olivia begins to guard her resources. Just as all new mothers would guard their babies, Olivia protects the little she has left, which also provide her comfort and security. She protects her blanket & toys the way she was unable to for her babies. Is it security or grief, or both? How does a dog enter the system socially adept, and allowing all sorts of handling become fearful and protective within days or less? While this matter should be examined, Olivia does not have time on her side. The shelter has noted that she warms up to both people & #dogs, she only needs a chance to breathe. There's so much to this story, yet since her time is up, she is slated to become a #statistic. We are so hoping someone will give her a chance, since so much was torn from her. Who among us would not display fear & defense in this scenario? If you would like to #foster or #adopt this #exquisite beauty, please HURRY .
Olivia #47126
I am a female #blackdog
#Brooklyn ACC
The shelter thinks I am about 4 years old, 86 lbs
Came into shelter as a stray Nov. 12, 2018

AT RISK for behavioral concerns. She has been observed to guard toy items, food items & blankets severely, in kennel & out. She hard stares handlers & will snarl if attempts to interact are made; she is unable to be readily refocus & will not readily trade. Olivia has displayed fearful behavior in the ACC growling & hard barking upon approach. She has been observed to warm up slightly though has remained uncomfortable with most direct touch, beginning to tremble & lip lick. There are NO MEDICAL CONCERNS .

DURING INTAKE Olivia had a loose body & was wagging her tail. She allowed the counselor to

#Repost from @erindogovich with ... HARLEM💖
TO BE KILLED - 11/17/2018
HARLEM loved her dad for 5 long years, but when he moved to “no pets” housing, she found herself alone & terrified at the shelter. She was so timid on arrival, her parent had to carry her. He also had to carry her to her kennel. It’s simply heartbreaking to see a dog who normally is so happy, sweet, affectionate, playful and loving turn to a trembling mess when she realizes that this is it - -this is the end – and her parent walks out the door & leaves her to her fate. He said she was shy with strangers, & that is proving true. With family & people she already has had time to get to know she is social & sweet. She even lived with & loved a toddler who she was relaxed & playful with.
WE NEED to #share her, #crosspost her, #tag & #pledge for her. And we have to find her an EXPERIENCED ADULT only home with no kids under Age 13. She is a proven family pet – her RESUME is STERLING: house & crate trained (up to 8 hours), well behaved home alone, & her favorite thing in the world was laying across her dad’s lap. ☹ She does want to be left in peace while eating her food, but hey – when a pup is as perfectly sweet as Harlem, it’s a small habit that is easily remedied. She is also a gentle, polite, soft player in #Doggy #Playgroup -- so respectful pups like herself would be welcome. Read her glowing owner notes, then #FOSTER #ADOPT #RESCUE
HARLEM, ID #47093 @ 5 YRS. Old, 44.4 lbs.
#Manhattan ACC, German Shepherd, Black / Tan, Spayed Female
Owner Surrender Reason: Moving – No Pets Housing
Shelter Assessment Rating: New Hope Rescue Only
Intake Behavior Rating: 3. Yellow
AT RISK MEMO: New Hope only for behavior reasons (uncomfortable with some handling) . Harlem has shown fear based behaviors in the ACC and will need behavior modification in a low stress environment. Harlem is recommended for a home without children. Harlem is apparently HEALTHY.

#Repost from @erindogovich with ... EMMY💖
TO BE KILLED – 11/17/2018
Ten years old. Ten years of giving her love & her heart to a family. Ten years of having a routine she could count on, no surprises, only good dreams. And then it was gone. Emmy is said to be a STRAY, but where she was found, & her prior history is unknown. All we know is her face is frosty, her heart is good and kind, and she is timid & shy at the shelter because the #shelter is a #scary place, with dogs who are rude, and strangers who (though kind) are not friends from her former life. Emmy dearly needs a RETIREMENT home where she can rest her ARTHRITIC bones, sit like a princess on a cushy bed bought just for her, & enjoy the love of a family who want nothing but good things for her in her #goldenyears. Emmy loves treats, & the volunteers love Emmy. SHE NEEDS family of her own, a quiet, calm, safe haven in an experienced ADULT ONLY family (no kids under age 13) where she can flourish and find her smile again.
Sweet senior Emmy needs a retirement home (video):

EMMY, ID #46743, @ 10 Yrs. Old, 40 Lbs.
#Brooklyn Acc, Medium Mixed Breed, Brown Brindle / White, Female
Owner Surrender Reason: Stray
Shelter Assessment Rating: New Hope Rescue Only
Intake Behavior Rating: 2. Blue

AT RISK for behavioral concerns. She has displayed fearful behavior & sensitivity to handling in the ACC. She is a geriatric #dog that is experiencing some diarrhea, otherwise there are NO OTHER MEDICAL concerns at this time.

INTAKE NOTES – , 11/08/2018: Emmy was very distracted during intake & was sniffing around the floor. She resisted being redirected but did not struggle to be collared & allowed counselor to pet her. She was disinterested in treats when offered.

Observed Behavior:fearful, fidgty, allowed handling with muzzle
Estimated Age:8-10yrs
Ears:yeasty, cleaned with ear cleaner
Oral Exam:muzzled, unable to see
Preliminary Assessment:geriatric, dry skin, some skin tags & masses on body 🐕 #seniordog #foster #adopt #rescue #elderbull

#Repost from @erindogovich with ... JESSIE💖
TO BE KILLED 11/17/18

Sweet, shy and cuddly little mouse who blooms with gentle love
A volunteer writes:

Jessie is slowly & surely blooming in our hands. She is leashed easily, strolls nicely, & complies politely with my requests. She is a little submissive, & her steps are prudent. She rolls easily on her side for belly rubs & even gives sheepishly her paw. She is truly adorable, girly, so properly dressed, neat, a real "petite fille modele". Jessie is a bit shy in crowds, but a gentle approach makes her very welcoming of more people joining us on a bench for a chat & petting. She loves to be caressed and softly hugged. Last night, before retiring to her den, she surprised me by zooming at high speed through the yard as we were playing tag. I could not catch her! Jessie is a petite brindle gal, a little mouse who just needs loving hands to reveal what a great, fun & #affectionate friend she could be.
Sweet Jessie
Jessie and Gucci

Jessie ID# 46565
#Manhattan ACC
3 yrs old, 35.4 lbs
Brown Brindle / White Female
Medium Mixed Breed Cross
Intake Date: 11-06-2018
I came into the shelter as a AGENCY on 06-Nov-2018.

Jessie also has a heart murmur & dental disease that may require follow up vet care. Behaviorally, Jessie should go to an experienced dog owner.

Behavior History:
The #dog was fearful when I tried to handle her and she began to growl. Afterwards I was able to get her to warm up to me & she was fine with handling. She also then allowed #petting.

Date of Intake: 11/6/2018

Basic Information:: Jessie came in to our facilities as a STRAY intake via the #NYPD.

Previously lived with:: Unknown

How is this dog around strangers?: The dog is frightful around strangers but is generally a very sweet dog when she is able to warm up to you.

How is this dog around CHILDREN CATS DOGS ?: Behavior is unknown.

Resource guarding:: unknown.
Bite history:: unknown
Housetrained:: Unknown

#FOSTER #adopter #adoptdontshop #RESCUE #adopt

#Repost from @erindogovich with ... JULIET💖
**** TO BE KILLED - 11/17/2018 ****

IMAGINE loving your two legged Mom & Dad & thinking you mean as much to them as they to you.... Then during your time of need, they dump you off at some strange place, a scary place... Juliet is a gorgeous girl whose going to need a #hero, a home & love but she also needs medical attention because she is suspected of having a GI foreign body that may need follow up care. Juliet is a petite girl with an adorable face & she lived in complete harmony with a small child, she was housetrained, affectionate & playful. Juliet has been dealt a bad hand by her callous former owners & needs a real family to step in & pick up where they left off. Juliet is just a year old & deserves a chance at life, family & love. Please help share her for a #secondchance. A new hope #rescue will also need pledges for her vetting so they can insure she goes to her new home & family in good health. .

Juliet #46718
female tan dog
#Brooklyn ACC
The shelter thinks about 1 years old, 46 lbs
Came into shelter as owner surrender Nov. 7, 2018
Reason Stated: animal health - other.

AT RISK for both medical & behavioral concerns. She has been reported to have resource guarding behaviors & is prone to growl or snap. She has not acclimated well to the shelter environment and remains challenging to handle. She is suspected to have a GI foreign body that may need follow up care. Please read full medical assessment for details. . MEDICAL NOTES
Weight: 46.2 lbs
Vet Notes
L V T Notes 7/11/2018
triage only due to history of vomiting & diarrhea: growling and lunging at front of cage 6/9 bcs, bright & alert--does not seem critical.
will let dog calm down for a day & get trazadone
DVM Intake Exam
Estimated age: 1 yo
Microchip noted on Intake? Scanned
Microchip Number (If Applicable):
History : O surrender due to chronic vomiting and O unable to provide/fund medical care
Observed Behavior - BAR, ears back, very anxious, will bite
Evidence of CRUELTY seen - NO
Evidence of TRAUMA NO .

#ilovedogs #doginneed

#Repost from @erindogovich with ... NOAH💖
TO BE KILLED - 11/17/2018
Friendly, sweet, affectionate & playful, NOAH loved his family with all his heart. He loved meeting new people, & was outgoing & social with them, & with the children he lived with he was gentle. In short, his RESUME was STERLING, and his HEART was pure GOLD. And nothing has changed about that. This little guy hasn’t a bad bone in his whole body. He is submissive and shy, gently so, but he is simply #overwhelmed at the shelter. He never expected his life would take this sudden & terrible turn, or that the parent he loved would choose housing over him. This is the problem with being young – you have so much trust, so much hope…..before life beats you down. Now this happy hearted boy is lonely, confused, sad & searching every face for the people he loved. You can see it in his sad intake photo – wondering if his parent is just around the corner, wanting to go back to the intake area to run to them for comfort. But they are gone😢. He truly is a gem, he just needs an EXPERIENCED #foster or #adopter who understands how these pups who lose everything need a tender touch, a soft place to land where they can decompress, warm at their own pace and once again find their smile. If you can help Noah, please don’t wait. . #foster or #adopt him... He is rescue only for being afraid. ☹ You need to fill out apps with new hope rescues to save his life. #Believe us, he is SO worth it.

NOAH, ID #47164 @ 3 YRS. Old, 42.2 lbs.
#Manhattan ACC, Medium Mixed Breed, White / Black, Unaltered Male
Owner Surrender Reason: Landlord won’t allow
Shelter Assessment Rating: New Hope Rescue Only
Intake Behavior Rating: 2. Blue
AT RISK MEMO: Noah has shown fear based behaviors in the care center and is uncomfortable with handling. He would do best in a low stress environment that can provide him with behavior modification. Noah would do best in a home without children. Noah is apparently HEALTHY.

#iheartdogs #ilovedogs #cutedogs

#Repost from @erindogovich with ... GARRI💖
TO BE KILLED 11/17/18

Stunningly breathtaking handsome boy Betrayed yet again. Adopted 8/28/18 but it wasn't meant to be we suppose. For this shining #star needs a place to shine! Garri thought he finally found his #forever...but it turns out Garri was the only one willing to give forever..
GARRI #39702.
I am a desexed male gray #dog #Manhattan ACC
The shelter thinks I am about 5 years 2 months 2 weeks old.

Owner surrender on 11-Nov-2018, with the surrender reason stated as other. .
AT RISK for behavior reasons. Garri has shown concerning dog reactivity, and seems to be stressed & anxious in the ACC Garri also has skin allergies that might require special care. Due to Garri's level of anxiety, he is recommended for a home without children.

Weight: 51.2 lbs

Vet Notes

DVM Intake Exam
Estimated age: 4-6yrs
Microchip noted on Intake? no
History: Stray - brought in by field
Subjective: Dog is Q/BARH
OBSERVED Behavior - fearful, greets but slowly & tail is tucked, muzzled as precaution .

Upon intake, Garri allowed all handling. He had a loose, wiggly body & a wagging tail. He was usually whining & occasionally barked. He seemed reactive towards dogs in the lobby. He was energetic & moved around a lot. He allowed himself to be collared, scanned for a microchip, & be led to another room.

Date of Intake: 11/11/2018

Spay/Neuter Status: Neutered

Basic Info:: Garri came in to our facilities as an owner surrender due to the owner not having enough time to work on his behavioral issues. This owner got Garri from a friend about 1 month ago. 💖

Previously lived with:: 4 adults : Garri is friendly & outgoing around strangers. He will play exuberantly with adults. : Garri spent time around children & was reportedly excitable and playful. He would engage in jumpy play with those kids. : Garri spent time with other dogs. He is described as being anxious around the, and will not play. In the lobby of MACC, he #barked & whined at #dogs of all sizes that passed by.



#Repost from @erindogovich with ... AUNTIE💖
TO BE KILLED 11/17/18
..**Beautiful Sweet #Senior Needs You Now!** Look at Her Flying Elf Ears! Adorable Mixed Breed Auntie is hoping for a good new home!

Heartbreaking Auntie ...We don't know much about this very #sweet & #gentle girl. But we do know that she once had a home & seems to be cared for. We also know that this #precious girl is frightened as can be..look at those eyes...her tail is tucked under.. She doesn't understand where she is or what's going on. But she does know its not a good place to be but a #dangerous one .
She wants love, #comfort, & kindness. Look into Auntie's eyes & have a heart & help this sweet #SENIORDOG . For she still has lots of love to give
Auntie ID #46544
#Brooklyn ACC
9 yrs old Spayed female ,
Is Vaccinated: Yes,
Weight: 64.2 lbs.
Found Stray
Intake Date: 11-05-2018



This animal came from:Found Stray

Basic Information:
Auntie is a brown female #dog that was TIED up to the GATE & left at the care center as a stray.

How is this #dog around strangers?
When meeting the staff at the ACC for the first time Auntie was friendly & outgoing. She allowed the counselor to leash & pet her with no problems.
During intake #Auntie was #relaxed & allowed the counselor to collar her & take her picture with no problems.

Behavior toward strangers:
Friendly & outgoing

Bite history:


AT RISK : medical concerns. She is a geriatric, obese dog that has been diagnosed with Bladder Stones, Alopecia, Dental Disease and Dermatitis that will need follow up care. She has shown some fearful behaviors while in the ACC, due to these behaviors we feel she would be best placed in an ADULT ONLY HOME.
. 🐕 .
#Adopt #foster #rescue

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