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Castle Creations Inc  Castle has been Overpowering R/C since 1997. If you have questions about customer support or sponsorships, send them to

Swipe right, these guys-I mean ESCs- are all worth a look! 😂 Link for sale here: #mondayfunday #matchmakingmonday #poweredbycastle #rccars #rc4life

Drag racing and speed runs are this ESCs specialty. We are taking orders for the next batch. Available through yours truly while quantities last. #rcdrag #rcdragracing #rcspeed #rcspeedcar #poweredbycastle #gofast #rccars

Is anyone else ready for the weekend? We are! #rclife #rcscale #rcaddict #poweredbycastle #castlerc #readyfortheweekend

Nothing but smiles here at AxialFest 2018! It’s going to be another hot day at Cisco Grove, stop by H8 and say hello, if you bring popsicles, we’ll give you stickers! 😜

Ever hear what someone is saying but never really understand a word? Never be fooled again with the Mamba X Series (and SW4) Audible Alert reference guide found in the link in our bio. Audible Alerts, which can be disabled in Castle Link, only occur when there is an issue or error condition present, and your vehicle is stopped and the ESC is in neutral. Leave the guesswork behind and know what your ESC may be trying to tell you. #rclife #rcaddict #mambax #monsterx #mambaxlx #poweredbycastle #listenandlearn

Are you ready to WIRELESSLY PROGRAM your Castle ESCs?
With the Castle B•LINK™ BLUETOOTH® ADAPTER and Castle Link™ mobile app (for iOS platforms), quickly altering ESC parameters and fine-tuning adjustments is now at your fingertips.
All current Castle Creations ESCs, many older models and the BEC 2.0/BEC Pro are supported on the free Castle Link App, available 4/27/18, on the Apple™ App store. All you need is the waterproof, compact and lightweight (6.62 grams) B•LINK Adapter to optimize your setup anytime - and anywhere.
Castle application developers will deploy firmware updating soon, and for
Android users, Castle Link Android will be released at a future date. The B•LINK Bluetooth adapter is compatible with both versions. #rclife #poweredbycastle #gettheapp #rcaddict #rcadventure

How many are in your arsenal? Which one is getting the most mileage these days? #rcaddict #rcneverstops #rcadventure #rclife #rcnation #castlerc #castlecreations

SIDEWINDER 4 is the first of its kind to run Castle’s newest technology: CRYO-DRIVE™ - A great example of what is possible when hardware and software harmoniously blend to maximize results!
On the software side, CRYO-DRIVE is a breakthrough that reduces the amount of time heat is being generated in internal components by optimally controlling which components are being used. This is happening thousands of times per second which greatly reduces the rate at which the Sidewinder 4 heats up.
On the hardware side, CRYO-DRIVE incorporates an all new redesigned case with a 44% larger and higher flowrate fan. The extreme ventilation of the new case design and bigger fan significantly increases the Sidewinder 4’s ability to remove heat from critical components, such as MOSFETs and capacitors.
With these advancements, CRYO-DRIVE takes thermal performance to a whole new level. This means you can expect MORE POWER, COOLER TEMPS and LONGER RUNS from the all new Sidewinder 4.
Check out more about CRYO-DRIVE and the SIDEWINDER 4 right here:…/sw4-sensorless-esc-only-01…
Whether you just need to upgrade your old ESC to get the most out of your current brushless/brushed motor, or you're in need of a full Castle brushless combo, we have you covered! #poweredbycastle #castlecreations #castlerc #sidewinder #cryodrive

Castle Creations introduces the all new Sidewinder 4!
Designed to follow our CRYO-DRIVE philosophy, a powerful combination of software enhancements and precision aerodynamics, you can expect an ESC which you can push harder, longer and in all conditions. With a brand new case design which allows for maximum airflow, an oversized 30mm cooling fan and software installed to blow your mind, you’ll be set to test the limits of your RC vehicle. #castlerc #castlecreations #poweredbycastle #chooseyourweapon #sidewinder4 #castlesidewinder4 #sv4 #esc #rccar #rchobby

What would you rather be doing today? A, B, C, D - or all of the above? #castlerc #castlecreations #poweredbycastle #chooseyourweapon

Great news for our AIR customers! We are proud to present our latest addition to the Talon family, the Talon 60. Positioned right between the well-known Talon 35 and Talon 90, the Talon 60 is a high spec, affordable ESC for Small Scale or Aerobatic Helis ranging from 360-450 size. Scale, Sport and Aerobatic plane users can also count on the Talon 60 as a perfect speed controller for setups requiring up to 1400W on 6S.

Just like the other Talon series ESC's, the Talon 60 comes with a heavy-duty internal BEC which will supply your servos with the power required to keep them running at top performance levels. With an 8A continuous rating and up to 20A peak power, the Talon 60 is sure to tackle everything you throw at it in this specific and demanding market.

You can find full specs and more images on the Talon 60, and various other air products through the link in our bio.
We have a dedicated Castle Creations Air page for those who want to keep track of all the products we have for air related RC's, and the activities we're involved in @castle_air #talon60 #poweredbycastle #castlecreations #castlerc #rcairplane #rchelicopter #rcheli

The end of the year is approaching, and all manufacturers are doing their very best to surprise us with fresh RC's. One of these new releases is the ProLine Racing Pro MT4X4. This 10th scale rolling chassis comes with 8th scale drivetrain components, making it a perfect base to fit many of our brushless systems.
For example the Castle Creations Mamba X, with our 1515 2200kV motor.
We like giving you as many options as possible to provide you with RC power which suits you and your needs.
#mambax #poweredbycastle #castlecreations #castlerc @prolineracing #promt4x4

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