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Castle Creations Inc  Castle has been Overpowering R/C since 1997. If you have questions about customer support or sponsorships, send them to


For those of you looking for some insane top speed, the uncaged MONSTER is making a limited and brief return. The Castle Monster Retro V1.24, no power limitations at all, use at your own risk, break records at your own risk. These are sold as is, flashed with the firmware that you need to shatter your personal best times.
We could have posted this on "Throwback Thursday", instead we decided to do it on "Speedfreak Friday". Check our site for availability.

Despite not all being the same, we're all equal. When given the opportunity to excel, and using what talents we have in our own field of expertise, each of us can perform to the best of our abilities. Regardless of shape, size, color, orientation and race.

We at Castle Creations have a team of outstanding engineers. We have a team of extremely committed people working in production, to see the work of the engineers come to life. We have a customer support team that takes great pride in assisting our customers in case they have questions or need some help. And we have a sales and marketing team to make sure that all these efforts reach our customers, in both messaging and availability. It isn't without uniting all these elements while they work in harmony, respecting each other's tasks and goals, and allowing one other to excel that we can succeed from day to day.

Castle's philosophy is perhaps a patriotic one: "United we stand, divided we fall." Have a great Independence Day!

Don't forget to update your X Series ESC to firmware version v2.02. Unlock the newest Castle programmable feature "Rock Race/Crawler Mode". Your auxiliary wire is going to be your new best friend. #mambax #monsterx #mambamicrox #sensoredbrushless #poweredbycastle #rclife #rockracer #crawlers

SMALL footprints can make for BIG news!
Available exclusively for our customers ordering through our website, we have an offering of the three lowest KV rated Slate series motors (1900, 2280 and 2850KV) combined with purposely built, ultra compact Castle Mamba Micro X controllers. Motor connectors and battery leads are beefed up to ensure a direct drop in for all of your 10th scale vehicles up to 8 lbs, which you run on low speeds, as scale as possible on the trails.
Our Mamba X combined with the Slate series of low KV motors are now also bundled and ready to ship. Heavy rigs, serious throttle needs and combined with an ESC that handles up to 6S, with an internal BEC that is rated at 8A. Whether you are running a crawler, scaler, Ultra4 or even Trophy Truck, we have what you need.
#mambax #microx #mambamicrox #slate #crawlerrc #rccrawler #rccrawling #rockracer #exclusive

Packing, shipping and eventually overpowering. The 1406 Slate series is leaving the building here in Olathe at a rock steady pace! We hope you are as excited as we are to see all these new motors hit the trails.
Our new range of trail truck, crawler and Ultra4RC specific motors can be found on our website, along with our other products. #mambax #sensoredbrushless #poweredbycastle #castlecreations #castlerc #slatemotor #slate1406 #1406 #rccrawling #rccrawler #trailtruck

Big news!
We are very excited to announce the following: after our 1512 series sensored motors have passed the ROAR inspection earlier this year, now the Mamba X V1.82 can be added to the Castle products that are officially ROAR approved. If you are a racer at heart, we have you covered for your ROAR needs for everything up to 9 lbs.
#roar #approved #raceready #castlerc #poweredbycastle #sensoredbrushless #mambax #esc #speedcontroller #castlemambax #rcracing #racing #inittowinit

1900, 2280, 2850 and 3800KV crawler/trail truck/scaler/U4RC specific motors are now available on our website. Make sure to have a look at our YouTube channel to see an unloaded 2850kv showing off some low RPM startups, combined with our Mamba X. #mambax #poweredbycastle #castlecreations #mambax #slate #lowkv #sensoredbrushless #rockracer #rccrawling #scaling #rcscale #control

They are coming, our new wide range of crawler, scaler and rock racing specific motors. Torque, smoothness and mind blowing features when matched to one of our X series ESC's.
We hope we made your weekend rock a bit harder. #castlecreations #poweredbycastle #mambax #crawler #rccrawler #rccrawling #u4rc #ultra4 #newrelease #rockhard

We are optimizing the capabilities of our products at all times, and lately our main focus has been on ensuring that your Mamba X comes with a ton of options that allow you to fully customize your setup with ground breaking features.
Check out the latest firmware for the Mamba X, and perhaps even save the link to your favourites. Our engineers put in a tireless effort to keep surprising you with new possibilities for your Castle products. #castlerc #castlelink #sensoredbrushless #firmwareupdate #mambax #mambamonsterx

We're real busy at the OffRoad Jam this week, so we couldn't quite make the fancy graphic you deserve. But the message is, our 2650KV and 1800KV 1512 series Sensored motors are now ROAR approved for the 8th scale MOD class.
#castlerc #castlesensored #sensoredbrushless #roarapproved #roar #rcracing #1512 #hellyeah


Our Mamba X + 1406 Sensored motor COMBOS are now shipping. We have attempted to take a good picture of how awesome the packaging is but decided pictures just can't do it justice.
You have a chance at marvelling at the nifty window in the box by checking out the link in our bio. #castlesensored #castlerc #mambax #sensoredbrushless #sensored #bec #combo #new #newproduct #castlecreations

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