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Calling myself out on the double post. May or may not have thrown a rando bikini photo onto my feed so that I wouldn’t post two leg day videos in a row.. bc every page needs to stay bALanCed ya knooow? 🙈
I know I tend to post a lot of accessory work bc #doitforthegram but there’s nothing better than good ole compound lifts to grow zee peach!
I always start my leg day with compound lifts, and typically burn out and/ or superset with the accessory exercises. I promise they’re waaay more beneficial that smith machine donkey kickbacks and just as hashtag insta-worthy 😏
Give it a go, I promise you’ll love/ hate it.
To keep it short and sweet 🍬
- I did 3 sets of 10-12 reps for every exercise including single leg exercises/ lunges 😌
- squats/ lunges are a super/ tri set (no break)
- sumo dead’s and RDLs are another superset
- not pictured: leg extensions and single leg dead lifts

Currently at work buying swimsuits for my next adventure 😏

Issssa ‘nother great day to grow some gluuuutes (& hammies) 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
No music bc I’m getting ready to go to the gym now & maybe even record some more 🔥 for you guys 🤔
WARM UP (not pictured):
- elliptical for 5-10 mins to get HR ☝🏻
- 2 rounds of Banded squats, hip thrusts, donkey kicks, fire hydrants & kick backs to active the gloooots

Z Workout:
- 1st slide SS 2nd slide: landmine squats & RDLs. 3x12
- 3rd slide (I actually STARTED with this but am too lazy to switch the order) Box squats: 10x10 increasing weight every set
- 4th slide: pulsing squats on smith machine narrow and sumo 3x10 (each variation)
- 5th slide: step ups w kick backs 3x15 each leg
- 6th slide: kneeling squats on smith machine 3x12
- 7th slide: vertical leg press variation 3x10 single leg and both legs

#alphalete #proudbutneversatisfied

What a view...
.... of the family of seals 🤭

My workout was hard.
Taking this selfie was harder
@alphalete @christianguzmanfitness #alphalete #proudbutneversatisfied

When my booty burn-out was an entire workout in itself 😅
Y do I do dis to myselfffff.
Save now; Thank me later 😉
- Bulgarian split squats: 3x10 superset with
- Pulsing sumo squats: 3x 10-15
- Stiff leg deadlift/ squat combo 4x10-12
@alphalete #alphalete #proudbutneversatisfied

Me next 2 a cave (in a cove)

Fav part of this pic: how bomb my eyelash extensions looked
Least fav part of this pic: my eyelash extensions bc I took them all off (w coconut oil) and lost sooo many natural lashes.
RIP lashes. U were very loved

I’ve reallllly lost my flexibility, working on getting it back one scorpion at a time 😅

It looks like I was nailing a “serious modely face” but really I was just looking at the family of seals next to me 😋

Fun Fact: I was born in CA but raised in WI. 🧀
My sister moved to LA 3 years ago and now pronounces “bag, hammock and Wisconsin” wrong. RIP 2 her @jsrace
Outfit: @zaful size S

Drink, drank, drunk?? 🍷

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