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Got some spare time last last week, and I drew this two kiddos! My bb joining the waist bag and chunky shoe trend! Personally, I’d love to have one but I have a small shoe size so sneakers casually looks a bit more chunky whenever I wear them 🙃💥🍼🌈

Finally posting my entry for #drawthisinyourstyle challenge which is obviously outdated 😂 Swipe right for the original artwork from @janicesung - her works inspired and contributed a lot with my works and I’m happy I get to draw one of her girls 😭💕

Close up shot of the mismade pin, I still have a bunch left!! You can have these for half the price - same good quality, only difference is the pink filling which should be in white! Rose gold plating, 30mm in size (correct pin on the right for reference! 😅) DM me for orders 💐🌹🌷

As I have mentioned in my stories before, I am trying to incorporate and practice male illustrations before this year ends, here is my Kang Daniel as a start from his LAP collab. Also, since I am using Korean idols as my reference, lip tints and blushes applies 😂🐰🍑

Just 5 more minutes ☕️😩😴

🍓 Don’t touch me 🍓 It’s been a while since I posted any new illustration! I had a poll with this one before if I should make a dark blue version or pink and well obviously the latter won! 😂🌸

I’m head over heels for my first ever enamel pin, I was so anxious in releasing and making one in the first place but it’s finally here!! This message is one of my favorite “note-to-self” and good thing that I get to share with you guys something that is meaningful to me. A friendly reminder that we have different paths and that we should not compare ourselves to someone else’ achievements, appreciate and celebrate our very own progress no matter how big or small 🌸💖🌹 ((just DM me for online orders! 💌))

Collected my most recent illustrations 🍭 This was actually the first one to be designed and produced, but then I have been eyeing on making a neon set for a long time 😂 Dropping this new peel off sticker sheet together with my neon one, both will be available in stores soon! 🌈

Bring back Her glory days, Happy Independence day, Pilipinas! Santan bracelet as a sign of Youth, Mango earrings to represent our national fruit, her top from the Spanish colonisers and pearl necklace from “Perlas ng Silangan” this pose was also inspired from @piawurtzbach that I saw with her Miss Universe crown! 🇵🇭☀️🌟

This is actually 1 of the 2 sticker sheets that I will be releasing this week! I may play with a lot of vibrant and pastel color schemes but most of my clothes are actually black as well as my supplies! Why not bring a little bit of the party with you to liven things around💡🌟

Rihanna x Fenty Puma creepers I’ve been eyeing before! Still doesn’t have one though 😅 but like what I always say “if you can’t have it, make an art about it!” And that’s how I was able to come up with my sneaker project that started back in 2016! This is my recent entry and definitely a fave 🎀🌹💅🏻

“Laban Kababaihan” or “Girl Power” in English - right until now women all around the world are still experiencing unjust criticisms, dealing with absurd rape culture, we’re being objectified and often count as weak living things and the list goes on! We don’t know until when we have to deal with this but as of now we have to do everything on our own so I hope and pray that we continue to support each other, pass on kindness, reciprocate respect and practice compassion in our daily lives. I know this might be hard but who else will make a move? The officials are too busy that most of them forgot their true purpose, I can’t even imagine how they can sleep peacefully. Let’s not be afraid to defend our rights, this is our everyday fight and we will not accept defeat, together we shall rise and protect one another! Sending my hugs wherever you are and especially to those who need it the most 💓

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