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cassandra  👼🏼♥️ j. MMXVI | dreaming of a renaissance 🌬 | 🦋♍️ ⚓️ get all your boating needs below 🎣

Swagga Like Us (feat. Kanye West) 💥

my type of sky❣️

ooo, tap into the frequency love 🌞

flying my friends home 🛫 #copilot #skymiles

Sharing drinks w Mr. Ben Franklin 🥂 #breakinbread

Feeeeeesh friends & food ? ♥️

Lucky charm 🍀

Our day job 🦈 #ohbaby #tightlines

*spongebob voice* twelve hours later.. 🤩 some #swordfish #bigfishing #groceryshopping

Like if all your friends are addicted to USBs #newyorkcity

this is it chief

it’s not really my birthday but i feel like it should be again so y not