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Every day for the past few months I have been telling Ian how much one of our bare walls annoys me - our new house has vaulted ceilings so it looks SUPER weird and black hole-ish with nothing on it (so my obsessive annoyance is justified 😬). He came in today with the perfect early V-Day gift to quell my OCD and fill my empty wall. Isn’t he just the cutest? #thatshiseagerface

You haven’t really gone to a concert if you don’t have low quality selfies #truth #styx

2009 dirty mirror and towel selfie. But we’re matchy and cute so... #happynewyears #thatshiseagerface #namethatshow #illgiveyouacookie

One year together and we’ve already done so much ❤️ we really are the best team. Happiest of anniversaries to my Ian, I love you more than I could ever say. #oneyear

My annual asinine attempt at creating art. Got the stocking tags all done! #puckerupandkissitwhoville

Got turned into a professional candy maker by mom-in-law Tami! Had such a fun weekend with her, Auntie P, and the sis in laws. We even got to talk to Elder Joss Nemelka on his way to Singapore, so I guess you can say Christmas is starting off pretty good ❤️ #candyfordays #fatpantsforever

So excited for Star Whores- I mean Wars 😬 #basic #christmascameearly #lastjedi

Longing for the days when we weren’t trapped in a freezing hellscape #ihatewinter

Dropped Aidan off at the MTC today and his twin brother got to pick him up! Got to be with all my favorite boys today ❤️❤️❤️ #missionaries #thisblows #butitsgoodthough #nemelkaclan

I’m planning on spending the night with my two faves: Hitch and the boy who loves Boo Berries. Happy Halloween 🎃 #happysamhain

This is Lizz and she just got married! I met Lizz when we were just little pledges in Kappa Delta, and from the second she opened her mouth and told me she liked my butt, she’s been one of my bestest friends. I tried to pick just one picture, but there were too many good ones! Thanks for being there when I was panicking about my own wedding, for being such a good friend, AND for letting me do your marriage license ❤️ Congrats Connor and Lizz!!! #weddingsarefun #kdsisters

I didn’t choose the weird life, the weird life chose me 👍🏻 #hesmine #notevenashamed #usuaggies

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