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ALL DAY FIT 👊🏼  💗I teach humans to eat, train & love their bodies - 🇨🇦Founder of 🏋Strength Coach 🌱Holistic Nutrition 🌏Co-Founder @Fit.Escapes Retreats

CRUSHED it this morning girls! 💦 Discover strength, grow together. 💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿
#ALLDAYFIT #DayByDay #StrongSaturday

There’s something so special and amazing and beautiful about the story our bodies tell about our lives. ✨
I have strong shoulders from years of swimming. Built quads from years of hockey. Smile lines because I’m constantly laughing 😜 and a huge forehead line because I’m overly expressive about everything. 🤣 I have little freckles all over my cheeks just like my Mama. I have scars down my shins from dirt biking and box jumping that I actually used to be traumatized by and for years would always hide my legs (which is INSANE 🙅🏼‍♀️). Now, I love my strong legs. 🙌🏼
So much of our life’s history is marked on our body through freckles, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, birthmarks, broken bones, and more. We often see these as imperfections, but they’re not. They’re actually the greatest story tellers. ☺️
What parts of your life story does your body tell?
#SelfLoveSeptember #DayByDay #ALLDAYFIT #GirlsGoneStrong

How do you think about your training and health?
“It's been just over year since I started lifting weights - twice a week, every week. I started doing this because I wanted to become strong and I wanted to put my energy into something physical that wasn't focused on the goal of "getting smaller" or "being skinny". I'm now probably heavier than I've ever been in my life (I don't even know cause I never weigh myself), and also WAY stronger than I've ever been in my life. When I started, I could barely press a 10lb dumbbell over my head and I couldn't even imagine doing a chin-up. Thanks to Cassie's encouragement and diligent programming, I've not only achieved major strength goals, but also learned learned functional movements that have helped me correct imbalances and misalignment in my body. But maybe the most important lesson from the last year: You can't make gains without eating enough food and getting enough rest. Want to deadlift > 150lbs? You better be eating and sleeping. ☝🏼 I love that the goal of building muscle totally f*cks with the toxic messaging that is so prevalent in the fitness/diet industry around calorie restriction, it's so liberating to never have to think about that shit EVER AGAIN. 🙅🏻‍♀️
The message from Cassie has always been clear - eat (mostly unprocessed) food, get rest, drink water, control stress. And she leads by example, you'll never catch telling you not to eat lasagna! You'll never catch her trying to push you to take random supplements...if anything, she'll encourage you to forget the protein bars and eat actual food instead. Not once in the last year has she asked me about my weight. But you know what she asks me every single time I see her?
1) How did you sleep?
2) Did you eat enough?
3) How do you feel mentally? Those are the kinds of questions that encourage you to change the way you think about training and your health. I'm so proud to know Cassie and be a part of what she's building. In an industry where you don't know who you can trust, I can't stress how invaluable it is to have linked up with such a genuine, passionate leader. 💪🏼 4ever 💗” .
- @dr_barky 🙏
Feeling very BLESSED this morning. ❤️

Looking for a gym close by? Ask Google. 🙆🏼‍♀️
Need a new workout playlist? Ask Google. 👯‍♀️
Want a solid sweat without leaving the house? Ask Google. 💦
Honestly her squat and push up cueing is better than Jahmeeks 😂
We'll prove it, September 22nd at our #googleshop workshop! Come chat nutrition, enjoy delicious treats and get a sweat on! Sign up link is in my bio! @madebygoogle #alldayfit #partner

You know when someone tells you you have a “healthy glow”... you’ve been sleeping well, eating well, getting your workouts in and hydrating. Not only can you feel it, others can see it. You radiate healthy. That’s the BEST compliment! 💗 ..& I’m saying this because after this weekend I can feel it! ☺️ After a weekend of sunshine, love and @wanderlustfest my heart is feeling very warm. 💗🧘🏼‍♀️😅 What was the highlight of your weekend?
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I love this man with every piece of me

EXCITING EXCITING EXCITING EXCITING EXCITING NEWS - We have grown from 5 to 6 officially 1 hour ago and I’m so PUMPED to share with you our new addition! 👯‍♂️🙆🏼‍♀️ (Soon) ..@caseymzav hit her one year mark 😘😘 and @brookeenchin GOT ENGAGED! 🤗🤗 Big week for our family! 💗💚💗💚

Looking for a recipe for dinner? Ask Google.
Need to convert ml to cups? Ask Google.
Out of milk? Tell Google to add it to your grocery list?
Hands covered in flour? Get Google to tell you the next step in the recipe!
Want to hang out with us and Google Home Max?
Saturday, September 22nd I'm hosting a #googleshop workshop with Google. Come learn how to make a nutritious treat, chat nutrition and get a sweat on with us. Sign up link is in my bio!

@madebygoogle #madebygoogle #alldayfit #partner

Yesterday I was like “Wow, things are going so great I feel relaxed for once.” Today, I’m like “MY CHEST IS EXPLODING, I’M BEING PULLED TOO THIN, I TAKE ON TOO MUCH.” aka I have a case of the entrepreneurs.
Step 1 - I am not stress. Stress is a feeling I am having.
Step 2 - Take a deep breath and a long exhale. Repeat.
Step 3 - Replace “stressed” with “overwhelmed". I can handle overwhelmed.
Step 4 - Make a list of everything in my brain
Step 5 - TACKLE IT, one by one. YOU GOT THIS.
Writing this caption alone helped calm me down. The power of self talk. What do you do to help when you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious?

You know the saying.. whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right! It’s TRUE.
Our bodies respond to what we say, both externally and internally. When we repeat positive affirmations it sends a powerful message to our brains. I have positive affirmations/mantras on my bathroom mirror where I brush my teeth daily, one by my bedside table to read when I first wake up and one by my door for when I leave for the day. These statements state a circumstance or a condition I want to affirm and attract into my life.
In our Self Love and Body Positivity Workshop last week we had each of the girls write their own daily affirmation. It can be one word or a sentence.
What’s an affirmation you want to tell yourself daily? Write it down and stick it where you’ll constantly see it. 🤗 #SelfLoveSeptember #ALLDAYFIT

WOW, the magic of self love. ✨ We created a safe space to share, be real, be vulnerable, be raw, to learn and to reflect. At times I couldn’t control my arms from shaking, I was balling, yet I was HAPPY (you know that true happiness when your heart feels warm and your cheeks hurt from smiling).
We reflected on our inner dialogue with ourselves, because that is truly the first step to loving ourselves. There are so many reasons to love our bodies.. they’re strong AF (mentally and physically) and they’re BEAUTIFUL (they tell our entire life story). What does your body tell about your life story? 🌈
Thank you to everyone who shared tonight and listened, your support and encouragement is more powerful than you know. 💓💓💓 Based on the immediate feedback and how my heart feels this morning.. there will definitely be a Part 2. We need more safe spaces to be real, raw, vulnerable and loved.
#SelfLoveSeptember #ALLDAYFIT #DayByDay

8 years ago my jaw dropped over this 🔥🔥 man. 8 years later, it’s still dropping. He still gives me butterflies and makes me feel like the prettiest girl in the world daily. He’s the most kind, understanding and giving person I know. Happy Anniversary to my life best friend. I can’t wait to see where this crazy journey takes us. ❤️

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