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CASSETTE  Professional time traveller / Auzzie DJ / Division Agency / DivisionRadio 🚀#cassettedj

Farmlife!👩‍🌾 Lambs, cows, horses, chickens, goats, geckos, a beautiful ridgeback named Calihari and of course who could forget those god damn roosters. Lollll they def dont mind a wake up call! 😂 Was beautiful though, its easy waking up early when ur in a new place and there’s so much to see and do. Thanks a million to our legendary hosts. So many good tunes, meals, wines and lolz shared on that balcony under the moon & stars. Loved it and luv u guyz ❤️💫 @cloud9_fiji @anaisphotography21 @dj_minx #farmlife #fiji

Had the best afternoon adventuring on the boat. We dropped anchor near the Momi sandbank which is on the very edge of Navula Reef overlooking Cloud Break. The sand was so white and sparkly from broken down coral, shimmering in the golden afternoon sunlight and there were electric blue starfish, crabs, fish and crazy looking creatures everywhere. Everything looked so surreal, it felt like that scene in Interstellar and we had discovered a new planet. In the space of an hr the entire island disappeared around us as the tide rose and the sun went down. In awe of what just happened we swam back to the boat then sailed off into the sunset. All i can say is good is nature!? 🐠💙 #fiji

Feeling pretty lucky to be DJing on @cloud9_fiji again. It rests in the middle of RoRo reef about 10min from Cloud Break. The reef is naturally shaped like a circle with one entry point, that enables it to be accessible by boat. The water is perfectly clear and calm but you can still see waves crashing around the outside of the reef. On the other side are huge mountains all different shades of lush green and gold. Underneath a host of fish and wildlife have attached themselves to the vessel and developed their own flourishing eco system which can be marveled at whilst snorkeling in between dj sets. Annnd this time i get to share it with one of my best mates @djminx! Stoked. Do urself a favour and check this place out if u ever get the’s paradise and the owner is a deadset legend 💙🌴 #cloud9 #fiji

Last time I played for my m8 Adam it went bananas🍌 I’ll be taking the reigns again tonight with my homie ! Some amazing tunes and events coming from him and @conspiracymusicaus crew...If ya don’t know check em out 👌We on 11-close for Just Quietly Winter Closing party double header @goodbar_sydney , come dance with us 🎉🕺🏿

Some snippets of the project I worked on for @vividsydney ! Sound design to accompany a 10min rotation of visuals projected onto Govt house in Botanical Gardens. The visuals pay tribute to 5 famous Australian artists. All the sound design and music was created by me using @ableton. Film quality is best I could get on my iphone at night and my rotation was one of others, so these are the snippets from my rotation only. The project is called Photonic State, you can read more about it on #vivid website. Was a lot of work but a very fun project which i was lucky enough to have scene and heard by 2 million people. Thanks so much to #TafeMusic for the opportunity, all the talented visual artists involved and of course the Governor for letting us use his house 🙂 🏠💡 #vividsydney2018 @tafensw

First day of uni holidays...woohoo i’m on the loose again! 🐎 Headlining @theflinders_sydney 12-1.30am tomo night with @sashsundays head honcho and my old pal KerryWallace + a few other legends...lets get wild 🚨🚨🚨 Photo credit: @lifestuffandthings for @by_your_side__

Was so mesmerized by this 👁had to share. Part of an exhibition on Hiroshima at @biennalesydney on Cockatoo Island. A powerful reminder of how much damage 1 nuclear weapon can cause #biennalesydney #makelovenotwar @nikolacvetkovski_

Mid set bliss @ Rio weekender the other week 🧡Ready to do it all again? Hahaaa here we go...🎢___SAT: 9pm Vivid x Moet party @ secret location, ___SAT 11-1 @ Slyfox with James Dexter + @alexludlow __SAT 1.30-3am @Bridge Hotel for Blueprint Party, __SUN: 5.30-7 @cafedelmar with Spencer Parker 🎢 Lezzggo. Thanks to the talented @martinvivianpearse for the pic 🙏 #queensbirthdaylongweekend #cafedelmar #slyfox #blueprint

Ello Governor! Was an honour to meet the Governor today and have my sound design for @vividsydney officially recognized and appreciated. Thanks so much to #TafeMusic and @vividsydney for the opportunity 🙏 Pretty crazy to think it will be seen and heard by 2million people 🤗⚡️⚡️#stoked #proudmoment #thisonesforyoumum #vividsydney2018

So excited to be part of @subsonicmusic launch party this weekend. 3 days across 3 areas...these guyz don’t f*ck around! I’m on saturday morning /arvo with my babes @conspiracymusicaus @daveharman @weir_matt @thilini_music @abazbarrett @armpitt ... yeah should be pretty tame 😉⏳💥😂 #crew #subsonic #cantwait

To infinity and beyond! 💫 #loveagoodroadtrip #newcastle

Techno bunker was such a vibe. Low ceilings, low dj booth, lasers & kick ass subs. Can we do parties there more often please? Thanks to all the legends front and centre my whole set, had a lot of fun with you guyz. Big ups to all the locals that played, heard so many good tunes, and had many lols - well done boys, what a great day! 🔉👏❤️ @jimmy.galvin @by_your_side__ #technobunker #mykindofraveroom

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