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CASSETTE  Professional time traveller / Auzzie DJ / Division Agency / DivisionRadio 🚀#cassettedj

Was so mesmerized by this 👁had to share. Part of an exhibition on Hiroshima at @biennalesydney on Cockatoo Island. A powerful reminder of how much damage 1 nuclear weapon can cause #biennalesydney #makelovenotwar @nikolacvetkovski_

Mid set bliss @ Rio weekender the other week 🧡Ready to do it all again? Hahaaa here we go...🎢___SAT: 9pm Vivid x Moet party @ secret location, ___SAT 11-1 @ Slyfox with James Dexter + @alexludlow __SAT 1.30-3am @Bridge Hotel for Blueprint Party, __SUN: 5.30-7 @cafedelmar with Spencer Parker 🎢 Lezzggo. Thanks to the talented @martinvivianpearse for the pic 🙏 #queensbirthdaylongweekend #cafedelmar #slyfox #blueprint

Ello Governor! Was an honour to meet the Governor today and have my sound design for @vividsydney officially recognized and appreciated. Thanks so much to #TafeMusic and @vividsydney for the opportunity 🙏 Pretty crazy to think it will be seen and heard by 2million people 🤗⚡️⚡️#stoked #proudmoment #thisonesforyoumum #vividsydney2018

So excited to be part of @subsonicmusic launch party this weekend. 3 days across 3 areas...these guyz don’t f*ck around! I’m on saturday morning /arvo with my babes @conspiracymusicaus @daveharman @weir_matt @thilini_music @abazbarrett @armpitt ... yeah should be pretty tame 😉⏳💥😂 #crew #subsonic #cantwait

To infinity and beyond! 💫 #loveagoodroadtrip #newcastle

Techno bunker was such a vibe. Low ceilings, low dj booth, lasers & kick ass subs. Can we do parties there more often please? Thanks to all the legends front and centre my whole set, had a lot of fun with you guyz. Big ups to all the locals that played, heard so many good tunes, and had many lols - well done boys, what a great day! 🔉👏❤️ @jimmy.galvin @by_your_side__ #technobunker #mykindofraveroom

2.30am -close @goodbar_sydney 2nite after my homies and legendary local selectors #SimonCaldwell @barneykatokato .These guys have been collecting and playing records b4 many of us got our first fake id. Alwayz a treat to hear them play. Come get it! 🙌🏆 #respect #localsonly

Lighthouse hugs, night swims and libra full moons..always a good combo 🌚⚖️❤️ I think this was my first easter weekend in nature and out of clubs in a while and i gotta say I’m feeling more inspired to write music than ever⚡️Happy Easter lovers, hope u had a good one xx #librafullmoon #bluemoon #thanksnature #reset #recharged #lookout

RIP Lola, the best dog in the world 💔😥. I think when you take care of something for long enough you grow to love it deeply and even though I have not seen you much in the last 2yrs we were together almost every day for 6yrs from when you were a pup. I use to jokingly call you my daughter. Today it’s no joke as my heart is broken and i feel I’ve lost a family member. Devastating news. Rest in peace my furry friend, thanks for always loving me unconditionally and being such an awesome mate #lola #bestdogeva #staffy #sosad

@dayslikethisfestival was so good! Big thanks and congrats to the team, u guys nailed it 🔨🔩 🙌 Sik venue, lineup, production and vibe, what more can u ask for? My set was early but I was super touched to hear some peeps came early just for me 😍🙏 honestly guyz you have no idea how happy it makes me to hear these things so if ever u wanna say hi, or give me a hug please don’t be shy... it makes my day!! #Moodyman #SonjaMoonear and @blackmadonnachi sets were other highlights, I included some vids in this album. I didn’t get any vids of my set so if anyone has any please hit me up! 🎬😘 #sydney #dayslikethisfestival #whataday

It’s Friyay! Recorded a 60min podcast for #FictionLab New York ahead of my set @dayslikethisfestival tomorrow. Includes 2 new unreleased tracks of my own as well as one from fellow auzzie Ant Steep. Link on my profile - hope u likey 🤗

Must say I’m pretty proud to be 1 of only 3 locals playing on such a monster lineup at DaysLikeThis. I’m not normally one to go on about gender equality but 1 day after #internationalwomansday it’s pretty cool that they are all female. Something that never would have happened 7 or so years ago when I first started DJing.
Let it be said that both @iamgabby_music and #kali @picnic_stuff have more than earned it, working hard in the industry for years. Gabby actually gave me my first DJ lesson and Kali has been touring and breaking underground acts in Sydney for as long as I can remember.
They are both an inspiration to me and I feel so grateful to call them good friends along with all my other power babes @amorgi_ @danni_b_music @monikaross16 @katiedrover @dj_minx @jacfrier @alice__q @kateelsworth all doing great things atm.

Can’t wait for tomorrow and can’t wait for whats to come, bring it on 🖤👊 #dayslikethisfestival

If you look real hard you can see me in the centre with headphones, glitter on my face and a rainbow striped jumpsuit 🕵🏻‍♂️✨🌈They had the decks set up in the middle of the dance floor Boiler Room style with people going mental all around me. Haha mayte what a crazy party. Happy Mardi Gras everyone! Back on the decks for @dayslikethisfestival tomorrow, pretty humbled to be part of such a monster lineup, come say hi if u see me 🙂🎉👋 #loveislove #whereswally #wherescassie #mardigras #sweat #happyinternationalwomensday