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Cass  Dance/Mgmt/Legal @keonemadrid @_marimadrid @deasevilla @kevywinz @mistophercartin @larkinpoynton @sorahyang @ellenkimchee @carlodarang @melvintim2

It’s finally out. Exactly 2 years and one week ago, I found out about the daring new FIRST and ONLY of its kind project that @keonemadrid and @_marimadrid were about to begin working on. I remember being both thrilled and curious as to how they were going to combine so many different mediums of art into a single cohesive artwork. Boy was I worried over nothing. I cried the first time I read the story, I cried the first time I finally saw the finished product, and I’ll probably cry again as I read my new FIRST EVER DANCE EBOOK on my iPad. Thank you @keonemadrid and @_marimadrid for bringing “Ruth” to all of our homes and our pockets through your tireless effort and limitless artistic vision. Download link in the bio for both Android and ios. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. #Ruth #DanceBook #TeamKandM

Two years ago, I remember seeing “Preface” and being both excited that 15 new Keone and Mari videos came out during my birthday, and awestruck at how amazing the Dance Book was going to be, even before they started working on it. Two years later, the amazing vision of @keonemadrid and @_marimadrid is finally being revealed. I am overwhelmed by the dedication and tireless effort put into this. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when I finally get the finished product. What a perfect birthday present “Ruth” will be.
#TeamKandM #DanceBook #Ruth #June19

The birthdays continue! So happy I got to see you on your 30th. Can’t wait for all the exciting things in store for Year 30! 💙✊💙 Happy Birthday @deasevilla @kevinanddeatravels

Happy birthday to the dude who always makes me say “how tf?! 😳😲” (also one of the most genuinely humble, giving, nice, and funny people you’ll ever meet). Have a terrific one, @mistophercartin!

Had to jump right back on the grind but have not stopped thinking about Sunday. I had the insane honor of playing a small role in helping out the visionary @keonemadrid and @_marimadrid in making their courageous and viscerally impactful piece a reality. I felt truly privileged to watch not only them but all the amazing artists who danced with them turn a simple idea into an act of bravery, an act of defeating complacency, an act of declaration that we are not okay with injustice in this world. Thank you for taking the type of risks you do; thank you to the transcendent dancers who so perfectly embodied the messages of the piece and who pushed through car accidents, last-minute injuries, and ON-STAGE leg cramps to still kill it on stage; thank you to @vibrvncy for capturing it all and going out of their way to ensure the perfect execution of K&M’s vision; and of course thank you to Vibe for providing a space where such wonderful art can be appreciated and realized.
And of course congratulations to all the amazing acts that performed or competed. The Company, Cookies, GRV, 220, AOV, so many other amazing teams, thank you all for sharing. Even though personal stress is super high, it was so so SO nice to get to forget about all of that and focus on art, focus on commUNITY.. at least for one day. #TeamKandM

Rehearsing/shooting for 12+ hours wearing pants that were too small for me to button was challenging (read: painful😂), but I had a blast being a part of @arlissa_xx’s latest MV. Thanks for having me! Full link in bio 🤗

Seems fitting that my #topnine2017 is what it is. All of that was made possible by @keonemadrid and @_marimadrid, my heroes, my role models, and the best of the best human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. The social media-“worthy” posts are always fun, but the true privilege was being a part of the process, the relentless pursuit of new heights and improvement. The countless hours of praying, thinking, worrying, planning, networking, researching, self-reflecting on how to better support them, how to create something sustainable and long-term for them, how to do things differently and unconventionally from what they may be used to, how to target the people who seem out of reach but who I know can open new doors for them, has been both greatly challenging and insanely fulfilling. I’m so excited to do the same with @kevywinz @deasevilla @mistophercartin @larkinpoynton @melvintim2 @officialjoshprice and more in 2018. Onward and upward for all!

2017 was definitely a year filled with insane highs and pretty horrible lows, but one can only try to move forward, being grateful for the good and thankful for the lessons from the bad. So very thankful to the family and friends who supported me and filled the pages of my 2017 book with so many memories. How lucky I am that there are way too many to tag ❤️ @allysonsaid 👋 u need your own post so here’s an emoji instead 😛
special thank you to @olivejeeun and @khakipantson for being the best support system a guy could ask for. Let’s see even more of each other this year :) same goes for @thejoshhan @trampaulines @teddicles
@ajol_llama it was so good seeing more of u in 2017! Hopefully 2018 will be a less stressful, more good stress-filled year.
@kiirstinleigh @stefaniemichova @mikebowshow @minhtyxfresh @itschiny @janetyk_ @denetrabfit @kingesthersong More get togethers, more board games, more wine in 2018 please :) @foodwithsoy @emily.ghoul @fromchristina Thank u for dealing with my insanity and not judging me too much for it (and callin me out when I needed it)
@joshischong U been a real homie this year. Thanks for everything dongseng
I’m missing so many but character limit. Love u all ❤️ Cheers to 2018 🐶

Just sitting in @theellenshow’s chair nbd 😂 Thanks @janetyk_ for hooking it up! Loved watching @bts.bighitofficial kill @keonemadrid And @mistophercartin’s choreo on American TV. Great job, boys! #BTS #Ellen #kpop

Happiest of birthdays to the incredible, inspirational, incandescent @_marimadrid. May your gentle soul, fiery passion, and brilliant spirit continue to shine in all of our lives! Yayayayay birthdayyy

Childhood dreams complete omg. Look how lovingly my buddy @themichaelrosenbaum is lookin at me😳😭😱 😍 lol jk I barely kept it together #LexLuthor #Smallville #Flash #JusticeLeague #JLU #SororityBoys #fanboy #nerdgasm

YOU KNOW NANN 😝😘😝choreographers: MEEEEE & @michellegrif5th |
dancer: @sheelaawe ALWAYS REPPIN @korelimited || 🎥 @thelyddz #ellenkim #choreography #dance #nann #trina #trickdaddy #downtownla #korelimited #instagood 2/3

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