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C A S S C A N D E L A R I O  Signed w/ BMG Models &Talent- LA Animal Activist | Beach Bum | Proud LATINA!!👊🏽|| AG🌊🐒 🍕Stay Groovy & be gangsta🍕

A Denim Series: Part II

A Denim Series: Part I

#tbt to our iconic sesh at the laundry mat w/ @vdon.farias gotta get that laundry done 😂

Mess you upppppp 👊🏽 //pc: @jmanzphoto

Sooo proud of this stud for graduating this year from UCSD! I actually graduated last year from UCI with a degree in Business Economics (hence the reason why my sash says 2017) but thought I’d wait another year to get these epic pics with my best friend 😜. It’s official! We are educated! Whooo!!!🎉💃🏽📚📙📘📗📕✏️

Something different... ||copyright: @edwardisais

Just casually sitting in the middle of the street at @20thcenturyfox studio lot. So this was actually from last week when @xkarenho aka ma best fwaand aka future CEO aka financial analyst @Fox (WHO JUST GOT OFFERED A SENIOR POSITION😱) aka the most amazing, dopest and cutest person evuh invited me and @ronnydoan to casually see Deadpool at Fox’s private theater on their lot which was then followed by us casually strolling through where the infamous “How I met your Mother” was filmed until we casually made our way to sit in the middle of this pretend New York City Street and then casually look up at the same time for a casual picture. The irony here, my friends, is that although this is a casual pretend New York City street, we did, in fact, almost get ran over by multiple cars just like in the real New York City, casually.🙃

Reposting this b/c it got taken down by insta due to the song, Chandelier by Sia (for copyright issues). I don’t own the song. Anyways, here’s a short little clip from my lifestyle demo reel- shot by my friend and DP extraordinaire @natalieperezdp . Hope you guys like it:) Also, check out her new media production company @shetvmedia
@natalieperezdp and @ingayinga are breaking the ceiling of gender inequality by creating intersectional and inclusive media. As female filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and advocates they are raising the standards for females in film. So proud of you girl! Kick ass!

Some artsy lagoon pics✨ 📸: @primary.ji
I have a secret. So for the past year, I’ve been working on building my own business. I’ve kept it on the down low and still am until I’m ready to share it with you all (which will be very soon!). Still perfecting it. Just thought I give a little teaser. Any guesses??? 😁 (those of you who know can’t say 🤫) (it’s not a swimsuit line haha)

We found this cute little spot covered in green. So of course we had to get creative and play with it. Now guys, this is pretty rare to find in Cali since everything is pretty much dry or dead. Buuuut we got lucky and so there I went (thanks to Vdon’s encouragement) and squeezed my way through all this green magic, propped myself right in the middle of it and gave my best fairy impression🧚🏼‍♀️✨ //📷: @im_vdon

Back in my element... #tobecontinued

Ahhhh my sweet sweet Cali! Feels good to be back home! Spent the last couple of weeks between Miami and Atlanta (Holidays well spent with family and friends😊💕). Only bad part is the part when you have to say goodbye😭 ughh I always get teary especially at the airport but I just gotta force myself to tough it out cause it's like a domino effect. My mom starts seeing me cry then she cries then everyone else cries and next thing ya know it's a cry fest. But anywho, I made it back safe & sound. I'm feeling super grateful and full of life...Now I'm home trying to re-edit a video, but for the meanwhile here's a pic of me shot by my talented and amazing friend, @jedzant 💕

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