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Cassie Dillard  |May these grams be filled with the little things that make my heart skip beats| utah yogi | ✨cassiedillard@hotmail.com


grateful for warm light, naps, the security of a home, a (few) job(s) that I love, kind people, connection, the flow of my breath, my teeth, genuine smiles, hellos and sometimes goodbyes.

Happy freaking Friday my lovers.
Low of the week? Sick season is so rude and already trying to bring me down so I've been sounding like a raspy voiced 12 yr. old boy all week. Lame.
High of the week: Candles and blankets were meant for cozy and in this weather I'm most definitely using both to make me feel better. Thanks a bunch to my people at @vellabox candle subscription for sending me cozy in a yellow container✨✨✨

See the beautiful things decorating the outside of this house? Those are real people with heartbeats, daydreams, fears, passionate pursuits and...Instagram accounts. And spending the past couple days with them at a creative retreat tucked away in the mountains has left me feeling refreshed and walking just a bit taller.
Takeaways: -A reminder that Instagram is probably the smallest piece of the complex and ever changing make up of any influencer, photographer, other awesome humans, etc.
- as was mentioned by @cafebinge , stay in your own lane! We don't benefit from analyzing and overthinking everyone else's social media accounts. we are all trying our best to be good human beings and that looks different for each of us -although IG is notorious for being superficial, there are true, authentic connections to be made if we just reach out
Thanks so much to all you lovely people for reminding me of the inherent good and heart of the human race.✨✨✨

We're soar'n, fly'n, to get to the place to be all that we can beee.
Good luck getting that song out of your head and have a happy Monday pretty people.

Mostly just wondering if anyone else's pre-teen make believe boyfriend was a band member from Backstreet Boys?

feel it. the thing you don’t want to feel. feel it. and be free.
nayyirah waheed

I'm not one for cheesy analogies. They make me cringe. But there is one I think about often.
Someone once explained progress (in any personal battle) to me like a constant uphill line with continuous loops. On each climb you feel you're making large amounts of growth, life tends to be more fun, light bulbs flicker and you think, "Oh, this is it. I finally understand." And oftentimes on the peak of the loop you begin to feel very confident. And why shouldn't you? You've climbed a long ways and seeing all the ground you've covered sometimes you believe you've "made it", you've "arrived". However, if your fight is big enough, hairy enough and has rooted deep enough or maybe it's simply because we are human, gravity pulls us back down and there we are, wondering how the devil we ended up at the "bottom". Breathe in, breathe out and remember you are not at rock bottom. The uphill we climbed took maybe days, weeks, months or years and certainly we learned so much. Certainly we will in some large or small way climb the next loop just a bit differently. Certainly when we fall, we'll land just a hair lighter. And certainly we'll slowly learn to turn that gravity into grace.✨✨✨
I'll draw a pic for ya on my story. If you're visual like me or have no idea what I'm talking about, it'll definitely help.

mostly just grateful✨✨✨

Happy Halloween🔮🕯🦄💀✨👩🏽‍🎤
May this holiday be the only day you ever get "ghosted"👻👻👻and may it be the paranormal kind and not...the other, if you know what I mean. 😂

Read and help a sister out, pls and thx.
I think maybe human connection starts with self-love. If it's easier to forgive myself, it will be easier to forgive others. If I look in the mirror while I'm shining up those pearly whites and think, "Sup, you little cutie. Stoked for you to kick some major life butt today", my willingness to recognize other's power will come with more ease. Self-love is SO important. Ya feel?
That being said, one area of self-love I've always struggled with is allowing myself enough sleep. My heavens it's hard for me. I stay up late on Instagram, doing homework, eating straight candy, cleaning my room, etc. and just about every day I feel exhausted. What do you guys feel is helpful in getting you more shut eye and how do you organize yourself in a way that develops healthy sleep habits? What am I missing out on? I'll take any and all suggestions.

Often what prevents us from living an admirable life is the chattering of our minds. B.K.S Iyengar
This week, waking up 5 minutes earlier to sit in silence. Turn off my beautiful brain with intentional breath and turn on my senses to the smells, sights and sounds around me. And get lost. For a brief moment in time let go of my expectations of myself and others. Let go of should haves, could haves, need to dos and longing to becomes and just BE.

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. -L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables✨
I love dressing up for Halloween. It's like trying on and magnifying all the different parts of yourself and I've always felt a bit of Anne. Threw together this Anne of Green Gables costume using my fave, the "Faye" hat from @gigipip . More ideas on their blog.✨✨✨
Photo by @taliaphotography_ obviously.

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