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Cassie Dillard  |May these grams be filled with the little things that make my heart skip beats| utah yogi | ✨

we went to Yellowstone and saw this bus. 10/10 would recommend.

I know it’s Tuesday, but ur girl was busy yesterday so...I’m just gonna slide this in here. 😂
I’ve always been a runner. I didn’t sit with discomfort. I ran. I wouldn’t wade through my feelings. I’d flee.
It wasn’t until I graduated college that I realized I wasn’t escaping anything. Our feelings cannot be leaped over. They must be carried. We need to hold them long enough to understand them and then we can let them go.
When we push past those uncomfortable pieces, they continue to wear on us over and over again. And we wonder why we stress out, act out, busy our days.
As noted by those pretty words—> “Perhaps even here I am growing.” Perhaps in our most uncomfortable, we are growing. So find some stillness. Inhale. Exhale. Listen to your body and identify all the feels going on in there, sit with them and free them.

happy happy 4th. ❤️❤️❤️

grinning from ear to ear cuz you make MISO 🍜 happy! 🍱🍣🥠🍤🍚🥟

powerful Sanskrit word for non-greed, non-possessiveness, and non-attachment.
For today’s MEDITATION MONDAY I’d love for you to find some quiet and think about how you let go of unhealthy expectations and cultivate non-attachment. How do you let go of the way you think your life should look, how you believe someone else should act, small hiccups throughout your day, etc. THEN share with the team! Any thoughts would be amazing❤️❤️❤️

you’ll learn to let go.
of how what you do looks like to anyone else but you.
this is freedom.

do we get ice cream, fly to see Taylor Swift, hike a mountain, buy produce at the farmer’s market or have a Drake themed dance battle? Orrrr do nothing at all? Oftentimes our days look a lot like this 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 @carloswheatley
Life hack: spend time with people who make you want to do everything and nothing all at once.

may peace like a river run wild over your soul. reminding you in chaos you are living, you are whole.
morgan harper nichols

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if anyone says Utah is lame I’ll fight them. 👊🏼LOOK at that scenery! NEATO. also, fave local hikes. GOOO. Pls. Like really....please tell me. thanks, much love.

today’s meditation Monday is all about that L. O. V. E.
Step 1️⃣: STOP SCROLLING. Set a quiet timer for 3 minutes of your life. Spine straight, palms up, eyes closed, feet on the floor. Take a few intentional breathes (in through nose out through nose) and begin to let your mind drift onto all the ways you show love to others. Anything that comes up is A-OK.
Step 2️⃣: when your timer goes off, write down anything that came to mind and circle 1 of those things you’ve already been doing for others, then make an intentional choice/ goal this week to give that to yourself.
As per usual, let me know how it goes🌈
Shoutout to @brianielz for the confetti throw. Dm him for all your confetti photography needs.

need some inspo.
what are some fun things you’re stoked on doing this summer, GOOOOOOO🌸

keep it simple.
really proud of this beautiful collaboration and the beautiful people behind it.
photog: @taliaphotography_
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hmua: @lexiharkerbeauty
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