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Casie McCrea  Like the moon, we borrow our light.


Missing these amazing people already! 🌸❤️ #rachetacrehoodz

School is great, but Disney is better. Wishing I could go back to wearing my ears with my girls like it’s normal ✨

It’s SHOWTIME!!🎃 👻

Awesome time with even more awesome people. 🌒✨🖤

Having fun: part 1767930824. Yes, we listened to Despacito on repeat, and no, I'm still not good at volleyball. 🌊🏐☀️🕶⛱🎶 #thisishowwedoitdowninpuertorico #tbt

Unlocking new levels of awkward one day at a time. 😉💁🏻☎️🤦🏻‍♀️🚨🙃 #sendhelp #awk #wink #whatarephonesanyway

Because laughing too hard to take a clear photo is a good problem to have, and because Disney with your best friend is always a good idea. 🌻

🎶Greatness plus greatness equals great greatness🎶 Thankful for these two in my life every day. ❤️

I got to go visit my beautiful cousins today as well as the most precious princess, and I'm super excited and blessed to be able to celebrate that I get to be her godmother! ❤️Get ready to be spoiled for life, tiny strawberry 🍓!

Ain't nobody messin' with my clique ✌🏼 So good to see some of my favorite people I've met in school. Love you both always❤️ #FSU #musictherapy #lasolas

Merry Christmas from me and my little goat! Grateful for a loving family, amazing friends, the best furry goat friend I could ask for, and above all else, a God who cared enough to make a way for us to know him through his Son. Have a joyous holiday, everyone!❤️ #christmas #puppy #dachshund #dailyhaileylove

Recorded this cover a few days ago just because #alliwanted by @paramore is still an all-time favorite. Thank you @yelyahwilliams and @paramore for music that seems to exist outside the limits of time. #musictherapy #music #musician #blackandwhitereruns #singer #fsu

Happy Halloween from your favorite duo! Hailey couldn't help but look fancy and festive for the trick or treaters! #Louise #bobsburgers #dachshund #halloween #puppy

When @ritzarose is the best ever and brings gourds to celebrate the first day of fall at internship, you might tear up a little bit. 🎃🕸🌛#firstdayoffall

Late night practice sessions are good for the soul. #afinefrenzy #swansong #cover #musictherapy #singer #fsu

Last weekend, we got to have our first adventure beginning the #haileyandbailey saga. ❤️ #puppies #puppyfriends

In honor of #nationaldanceday , here is the group I had the most fun learning, creating, and growing alongside. ❤️ #personalitypic #dance #fsudance

Because I wish y'all were dancing with me tonight! Love you guys and our hip hop adventures❤️👯😎 (Excuse the French) #hiphop #dance #twophones @dancetally @weencuisine @amanduuuhhh7

"Look I help drive we go now." I love this little goat. ❤️ #dailyhaileylove #dachshund #puppy

Got to visit a very quiet Thomasville today with my favorite Taylor in all the land 🌻 #Thomasville #adventure #foodadventure

Cuddling my favorite little goat. 💜#dailyhaileylove #dachshund #puppy #cuddles #puppycuddles #goat

To the woman who puts up with indescribable amounts of nonsense, who has and continues to support me in everything I decide to do, who is my favorite date to anything, and who is always ready to drop anything in her life to be there for me, happy Mother's Day. There's lots of moms out there, but none like you! Thank you for lovin' me. 😘👯💕

Happy first birthday to the best little goat there is. Hailey has been the best friend I could ask for, and has been so good for me this year. Some fun facts I got to learn about Hailey so far: she loves to eat ice cubes, she insists on being the little spoon, she swallows ravioli whole, and she always holds her ears like a goat. Happy birthday, puppy! And thank you @bigdogranchrescue for helping me find the best friend ever. #mutt #adoptdontshop #whosavedwho #bestfriend #puppy

Roughly three weeks ago, I took the plunge and got my first tattoo. God's grace, like an ocean, is deep and wide, relentless, and all-consuming. Given over and over, it is the source of renewal and countless second chances. Grace, by far, has been the most powerful force in my life. And I love it. Thanks, @buzzkill_barry for an amazing first tattoo experience! #tattoo #ocean #wavetattoo #grace #gracetattoo #lettering

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