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Marty Bacardi  😺

Se3 aka Haze and QuikRTW lose their lunch on this old 5 train... Quiks photo I think, though I had it in my archives for years

Good to see this still living.. Wane and I painted this fucker in Middle Village in the winter.. it was 30 degrees and fuckin cops rolled up on us when we were almost finished.. out of the 40 trucks and Vans we’ve painted in the last few years, maybe boys rolled up like 3 times.. but never busted balls and made us call the owner....Queens is definitely hot boy.. anyway.. cool pic by @boxtrucksofny Wane X Cash RFC COD #4

Braking bad

Across 110th st.. Harlem world! Original flavor early 70’s if I had to guess.. this picture is amazing.. photog unknown

Morning wood..

Real Fuckin Chinatown (Africans running shit tho)

you son of bitches.........

Lazy Sunday..

Rat hunters... (not the upstate kind) but an actual squad of dog owners who bring their terriers and other smaller breed dogs that were originally trained to hunt rats back in the day day.. #queensnystyle #vicenewstonight 7/26

People always used to call all Oxycodone “Oxycontin” and the way I always found it best to explain it was that Oxycodone are sneakers and oxycontin is a pair of Nikes.. like all inline skates aren’t “Rollerblades”.. anyway.. a good friend sent me this and I thought it was fucking genius.. Perdue Pharma, I hope you have to pay billions in damages to all the people you got addicted to your fuckin pills.. it got so bad that addicts actually dictated the way these were made until the govt stepped in.. and made them virtually impossible to use anyway but intended (orally) ..artist unknown

Rush by Pjay.. photo by PJ (I’m assuming) early 80’s

LeeTF5 get his biblical paraphrase on.. “for my family” @leequinones photo unknown

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