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Marty Bacardi  😺

Drop it like it’s hot! Kase2 undisputed king of what?! Photo Henry Chalfant

El Kay panel early 80’s Henry Chalfant

Ree2.. mid 70’s taking it to the next level.. props to this “2nd generation” of writers who really cultivated and advanced letter formation.. photo unknown

Keep it going but stop burning lay ups.. paint in the tunnel not the station!! In the early 90’s panels and panels and whole cars and T2B’s were done and not flicked because graffiti was everywhere and even though you knew it wouldn’t run, you didn’t want to stay up all night and chase the fuckin car to the buff and pray got caught it before that happened 👉🏼..

Zephyr rides the rails.. photo unknown

My left stroke just went viral! #TekayTNR OG Tag on an OG spot Avenue A present day

Iz “Golden Girl” IzTheWiz TMB Photo unknown

A 🍐 a day keeps the toys at bay.. @pearnsf #pear246

In yo face like a can of mace! In my Juno listing to ODB and I glance out the window and False drives by..

Begr..again.. bomber,painter, a true renaissance man..

Disco biscuit Bronx ny

Begr @_begr_

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