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Clete Nigga  FOUNDER- CEO of "Extra Gram Gang" #EGG DON 🌎

You jus gotta grind and be ready when it’s time‼️ u gotta already be prepared tho 💯

You gotta put in da work‼️ wat u put in is wat u get out 💯

Love my niggas jay, @hotboy_flocck puttin out da 🔥🔥🔥🔥 he da Last hot boy 400 club closed and @billiondollarbd I’m back Focus. Like a Don Posed to be. U kno I’m still stuck in my ways. But jus kno I’m goin for da gusto. Nothin bigger than mob ❤️☂️🤙🏿💯

Real spill... it cums wit da shit‼️ you jus gotta stay focus and grind if u want it 💯

Yo gotta go da distance wit yo hustle.. make it happen‼️💯 #EGG ☂️

I jus be ducked off.. kickin Shit but we gon get to it ☂️#imnothinlikedemniggas #EGGworldwide 🌎

Where y’all think all da flavor cum from 💯 #flashbackfriday #EGG ☂️

Everybody eats... real spill ☂️

Ava jewel 💎 da real deal #exoticbully #designerdog @eggbullies

Dese boys made a Classic back in da days 🔥🔥... cumin out hard 💯

Sumbody made dis sent dis to B and B text it 2 me. La familia appreciate it ☂️🤙🏿💯 #EGG 🌎

Hey on wed may 9th in palm beach for males and especially females cuz y’all need this‼️My people having and event it’s to fix youth credit and you can also make money if u business minded.. get at me or contact @tiffanycoutures77 and tell her I sent ya.. I’m tryin to give y’all a game b4 it close 🚪. Don’t say we ain’t try. it’s time to power up 🔌🔋💪🏿💰💵💳🏠🛥🏎 ☂️

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