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Coy White  If it’s stupid and it works, it’s not stupid. • Calculated Crazy • Quasi Hooligan 🔻YouTube🔻

This was actually taken on the way out, but it’s certainly what I felt like on the way in... 😅
Cheers for an awesome event @StartEdUpinnovation, what you’re doing is awesome.
📸-??? (I forgot...)

#Tbthursday to Weekly 5, aka the one time in my life I pressed the record button at the right time... #lightning #slowmotion #gh4 #roadtrips

I’ve gotten plenty of dm’s from people lately asking “what I really do” and it’s as good a time as any to explain...
I grew up in Florida in a middle class family, moved to the NYC area to study classical music performance but started working at the same time on what you see in this picture, a new app idea called Sprackle. After one year of handling both I decided I had to focus fully on the app to see what I could make of it, so I withdrew from my university and am now in my second #gapyear. @Wilbertchagula and I met as summer started and he started translating my prototypes into real code in my living room. I pay for living expenses out of savings, which will last for about one year before I’ll have to figure out something else, so thats the goal. Make Sprackle the 1/32 startups that succeed in year one, or crash full tilt at the runway’s end. As for my stuff, the WRX is just a stock Subaru with 150k miles on it, my apartment in NJ was the luckiest find of this year, and all the videos you see are shot on a broken GH4 with 2 prime lenses. Everything’s what you make of it.
Comment a radical decision you made recently! And if it was a while ago, how it turned out...

Having a rooftop birthday party has it’s difficulties sometimes... sometimes. #UPTHETEMPO #coolkids

Was supposed to meet up with @beyondcitylife again this morning but was so exhausted that my 8 hour catch up night of sleep turned into 14 hours... The night before I slept for one hour so I know why the crash happened, but I'm not at all satisfied with what I have to show for it. Chances are the few days beforehand were really just a waste from being mentally useless.
For the do-ers that follow me, how do you reach your maximum output in a way that outlasts the 2 week sprint? #washingtonsquarepark #adultingishard #nycprimeshot

Song: Black Wine - @ripsymay
After four years of staring at my half built Specialized P3, I finally finished it and rode some jumps. Certainly have catching up to do but even flying this low feels awesome again. #specialized #p3 #gopro #mvmt #nycmtb #fromlyn #fiveten #DidntDie

I gave’r. #playhomieplay

Some say he’s still there to this day. Weekly 9 FINALLY OUT NOW 😫 all thanks to @zachhunter86 #linkinbio #ediblearrangements #triathlontraining #mvmt #bottleflip #godamongmen #SPONSORMEHPLZ??? Song: @desivalentine - Asylum

The Great White Pos is closing in on 150,000 miles... Will it make it? @EveryThousandMiles #WRX #SubaruAmbassador #fifteen52

#Tb to that time I entered what I later found out was not a contest, but a sweepstakes 😅 Ft. the enchanting airconditioner playing of @mike_oddo15 #doublewatermark #watermarkception #morewatermarks #MOARWATERMARKS

@therealjrhobbs it’s gonna be done someday... It’ll happen. Mark my unconvincing words. #weddingvideography #craftservices #tohaveandtohobbs

"Most of my tan is dirt." -
This is usually where self righteous anti-touch up captions are written, but while this photo is indeed un-photoshopped, (nonsense) I think we all know it's just because my lazy ass hasn't learned photoshop yet. But anyway uh, f*ck photoshop I guess... yeah. Bastards. #stickittotheman #boom #bold #bowl #bob #thebuilder #washingtonsquarepark #isthisedgy #edgyasamixingbowl

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