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Casey  Wife, Mom and Entrepreneur .. my own, my goals, my pace! Living my best life!❤️

Kick off spring with a spa-worthy tan...minus the sun. RF-Dcell technology in #ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan helps your sunless glow last longer...and makes your skin feel amazing!

Tell me, where will you debut your new, natural-looking tan??

Are you wanting to age gracefully?
Better yet do you
Want to Age Backwards?
It’s time!! I can help!

#justwow #agingbackwards


Michelle's results stopped me in my scroll. Her journey is what I use also!! 😀

Check out what Michelle has this to say about her journey to incredible results:
“I have been using R+F for 20 months. I started with the Redefine regimen and the Amp MD roller (for fine lines and wrinkles) and then added in the Reverse regimen (to even out skin tone and address discoloration and sun damage), then added in Lash Boost and the Multi-Function Eye Cream.

1.) I built my skincare over time, I started with the Redefine Amp It Up and grew from there.
2.) It is no more expensive than any other premium skincare, but with an added 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee. (Yes, they are that confident.) 3.) I decided to view caring for my skin as an investment in myself. (So glad I did!) 4.) I missed days and nights too, but I always do the regimen as prescribed. It’s Multi-Med Therapy that WORKS.” #Agingbackwards #Number1ForAReason
#Reverse #Redefine #LashBoost #AMPmd #EyeCream


Yup, it’s true!! I’m offering TWO Regimens at my cost!😀
Today and tomorrow only!! First come, first served!

Yup, it’s true!! I’m offering TWO Regimens at my cost!😀
Today and tomorrow only!! First come, first served!

If you don't think washing your face every day with products that work will make a difference... I'm here to say, you are wrong! ;) ❤️

Sometimes doing the CRAZY is scary, but that’s where the MAGIC happens!! Out of comfort zones we GROW and become ALL that we were created to do and be! #BeAPusher 😂💁🏻‍♀️

❤️Give yourself some love today! I have 5 mini-facials to give away today for anyone that hasn't tried Rodan and Fields yet. Message me or leave a comment below. ❤️Give away some love today! If you have a friend or family member that you know would love one, let me know and I'll send one to them, too!

This is a fellow consultants husband, and other customers showcasing some insane results from Rodan + Fields ACUTE CARE!💙 Do you feel like you need a little "EXTRA" around your eyes, mouth, forehead? ACUTE CARE is that extra! No injections but the same results!

You can use this system on your... ✔️Forehead
✔️Between eyebrows...the dreaded Mom/Dad scowl, I call these “angry 11’s”
✔️Crow's feet ✔️Smile lines

All while you're sleeping.
I would love to tell you more.. lets chat!

I love seeing people transform their skin using Rodan and Fields!! I'd love it even MORE if I could see YOU transform YOUR skin!! 😉😉 With a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee, why not give it a go?! Best skin of your life 💜 it, or 💵 back 👍

If you’re thinking WHAT IF 🤔 💭 I just DO IT??
💭 I mean, everyone LOVES these products!
💭 I make enough money to _____? {work less, pay for a trip to Disney, pay off credit card debt, cover the mortgage, have extra Target 🎯 money!} 💭 I really can make something out of this?! Then it’s time stop thinking and just start DOING!!
#yesyoucan #havemore #ifIcanthenYOUcan


Here’s what Jamie had to say⬇️ "I AM 50 YEARS OLD AND DO NOT OWN FOUNDATION. I wear less makeup now than ever before in my life.
People consistently think I'm in my 30's!
And this is real change - not smoke and mirrors. I look like this when I wake up every morning. Without even trying." #nosmokeandmirrors #foundationfree

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