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Casey Neistat  hi, i make videos on YouTube

from the Kanye Nas listening last night. amazing pics by @dxprutting @bfa

getting to pilot a prototype flying car was one of the most amazing experiences i’ve been lucky enough to have.. give -> a follow to see more

new 👓s, who dis?

RED NOSE DAY is a week away. help support their efforts to end child poverty by getting this awesome spice girls red nose day shirt. (or just donate some money ). thanks everyone.

taking pictures 📷 📷 📷

this picture by 👉 @dannmace

couple of bros enjoying a sunset... dan took this picture. dan edited it. dan insisted i post it. then insisted i tag him @dannmace

this is a 4 second exposure where i ran into frame after clicking the shutter but @dannmace says it looks like i’m ascending to heaven. i took this picture from my S9 but posted it using an iphone.

warm weather makes me so 😀 pic by the great @dannmace

Sunday morning bagel run with the princess 👸

our first hip-hop album 368: GET PIZZA OR DIE TRYIN drops next week. go follow 👉 @dannmace

a muse is defined as a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. she is my personified force ❤️

this is Diana. she just cut all my hair off